Cafe Carpentine, Thrikkakkara

Cafe Carpentine, Thrikkakkara

  • 03 Aug 2016
  • Sunaya
  • Eatout

Cafe Carpentine is a well kept secret in Kakkanad.  With various cafe fare, European, desserts and some homemade favorites, the service caters to an eclectic palette. Dishes like Ratatouille, Blackened Chicken, Soups the cafe really does bring a different flavor to town. 

Must try: Spanish Omlette

Cost for Two: Rs 600

Home delivery - no

WiFi : Available

Cards accepted

This service has been discontinued.

Where : Cafe Carpentine, Thrikkakara, Kochi

Time : 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM


Opening Hours : Sunday To Sunday

Contact : 755 993 9393

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