Go Aha for Poha

Go Aha for Poha

  • 04 Dec 2014
  • FWD Admin
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A quick and healthy dish, Poha is extremely popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is enjoyed as breakfast, lunch or a snack and every region has its own version of Poha. Enjoy it with a cup of masala chai

2 Cups poha / aval 1 Potato, small cubes 2 Green chillies, sliced 1 onion diced, a handful of peanuts, 1 tsp lemon juice,  2-3 tsp sugar,  salt to taste,1 tbsp oil,  2 tsp mustard seeds,  2 tsp turmeric powder,  curry leaves, coriander leaves for garnishing. 

Wash and rinse the aval. Keep asideto drain for 15 minutes.mustards seeds in oil in a hot pan.Add the curry leaves, peanuts and splutter green chilies. once the peanuts are lightly fried, add the onion and potato cubes. once the potatoes are cooked through add the aval and mix well with
turmeric powder. Mix well with sugar, salt and lemon juice. Top it of with the coriander leaves. In some regions they also add pomegranate seeds to
add a punch. Create your own version of Poha by adding sprouts, egg, pickle etc. serve hot. Poha is rich in iron and carbohydrates. It is low in
gluten and has been said to be good for diabetics. One bowl of Peanut Poha has 589 calories while. Vegetable Poha has 244 calories.

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