Going Places With District 7

Going Places With District 7

  • 28 Jul 2015
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Kochi gets its answer to urban hunger- the food truck.
Text: Maria John     Photos: Anand Menon 

A van with psychedelic art is parked in Panampilly Nagar with its title in an eye-catching yellow. District 7 it says and you make the immediate connection, Hunger Games! District 7 of Hunger Games is described as a land of verdant landscapes which holds true for Kochi. But this is where the association ends, District 7 is actually based on the registration number of Kochi, which is KL 7 explains Shiv. The van itself is called Roaming Hunger by the two former hotel management guys who decided that mainstream life was too boring and ventured out into the food truck business. The dream that Jon Favreau followed through in the critically acclaimed movie Chef comes to mind. Food is passion for Shiv and Suraj. Different circumstances brought them back to Kochi from their international adventures. They put together their experiences to start the food truck and device a simple yet special menu to stun Kochiites.

Every evening as the  D7 van moves into the shaded spot under a rain tree in Panampilly Nagar around 7 pm, an expectant queue has already formed. Some people are curious (it is hard to miss the vehicle), and most are just hungry for the freshly assembled delicacies. The smell of grilling patties and buns fills the air. District 7 serves a fresh concept to Kochi, and they should be commented on serving good food at good prices. Though some may feel that the sandwiches and burgers are a little dry for their taste, District 7 checks all boxes otherwise.Their Chicken Salsarita with the filling wrapped round with bread is to be savored, and one should definitely sample the Devil on Wheels Burger. The service is quick and comes with a smile. 
Every few minutes you would hear a honk as the customers press the horn hanging from the truck in appreciation. Shiv or Suraj is always around to address your concerns and are planning to expand soon. They are active on social media and are planning to start a mobile tracker for customers. They will be moving around Kochi in the near future, so keep a watch out for them in your neighborhood. Plans are on to start an outlet as well. Quite obviously, since everyone irregardless of age seems to be loving this joint that is literally going places.

District 7
Cuisine - fast food
Price per head - 80
Must try - Chicken Salsarita

Where : District 7, Panampilly Nagar

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