In Good Company

In Good Company

  • 26 May 2015
  • FWD Admin
  • Eatout
Text: Maria John   Photos: Arun Menon

A red velvet building with the deep chocolate interiors, nestled in a green alcove in Kakkanad. The aroma of freshly ground coffee arises as the waiters move helter skelter to fulfill orders. Tonico Cafe opened up a couple of months ago and already has a dedicated patronage. The professors from the nearby college could probably come and teach here as Tonico is a popular hangout for students. For the techies from Infopark, it is a great place to recharge. As the day moves into noon, the cafe gets busier with people seated on the comfortable chairs with a view of the green through the full height glass facade. The outdoor seating is getting occupied too, as the clientele is sheltered from the Kochi heat under a huge tamarind tree.My friends have told me to not miss out on the Hungry Joe burger. Their other popular items like steak, pizza and sandwiches move quickly from kitchen to table, plated with care.
As we debate over which of the crisp whiteTonico Cafe opens up a whole new box of flavors in Kochiplates and cups to use in the shoot, the chef whips up two juicy burgers with my favorite side of good old potato chips. I watch as the the ice floats up like an iceberg when the soda is poured into a refreshing cooler called the Titanic. It is fascinating to watch the ordered chaos in the kitchen. The staff are extremely courteous and rather excited about the shoot. They let their creative juices flow with the coffee and even lets me have a go on their chalk board announcing the day’s specials.If you are having a great time here, you can share the news with your freinds immediately as there is free wifi in Tonico. The cafe is open late into the night and is always buzzing with upbeat music. Tonico is a great place to unwind with good food and good company. One more joint to add to the growing list of Kochi’s exciting hangouts!

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