Come Let's Redraw Kochi Episode III

Come Let's Redraw Kochi Episode III

  • Posted On : 05 Jul 2016
  • Joel Kuriakose
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We want our Kochi to stay beautiful and smart always. C’mon Kochities, it's time to act! It’s time to stop throwing rubbish out of our windows, to spit and pee on public roads, it's time to change how we look at public spaces! Its as much as yours as like anybody else's. Its yours and mine, and together we are responsible to keep it clean. It’s time you respond to the grave problem of unclean surroundings, ‘NOT ON FACEBOOK’, but in REAL! This time not even the monsoons are gonna stop us from making our Kochi beautiful.

The location will be updated soon!

Date: 31st July 2016
Cost: Rs 200 (Contribution is not mandatory as your presence is more important than the money)
Contribute at :

Join us on 31st, JULY, 2016 (7.00 -10 am) as we fix an unclean spot in Kochi to make it beautiful forever! Get your hands dirty, to make our city safe and clean! Big or small, it's all about starting. Act now, do your bit now!
*Thank you 'The Ugly Indian' for inspiring us
*All Spot Fixes are self funded, and the amount collected will be used as a contribution towards material costs.

Where : Kochi, Kerala, India

When : 31 July, 2016

Time : 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Contact : 963 328 1204(9497864497)

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