Manage and Prevent Diabetes with Yoga

Manage and Prevent Diabetes with Yoga

  • Posted On : 05 Jan 2015
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Owing to our genetic make up, Indians are predisposed to diabetes. Globally we have the highest number of diabetic patients. However the prevalence of Diabetes among Indians living abroad is less than that of Indians living in India, owing to lifestyle conducive to exercise. The age of onset of Diabetes within India has reduced, even youngsters are showing symptoms. Within India, Kerala is the diabetic capital and within Kerala, Ernakulam seems to top the list. While hereditary plays a part, the major cause of diabetes is sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and inability to deal with stress. 

Me Met Me (Yoga Studio Based in Panampilly Nagar)  is conducting a detailed workshop on Diabetes - on how to prevent and how to manage using, yoga and wellness techniques. Ensuing the workshop there will be regular classes on asana, pranyamaa and meditation for diabetes. Mrs Valsa Nair a S-VYASA certified therapist shall lead the workshop and clas

Where : Me Met Me

When : 11 January, 2014

Time : 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM

Contact : 9567366250

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