4 Malayalam Songs That Can Come Under ‘Cringe Pop’

4 Malayalam Songs That Can Come Under ‘Cringe Pop’

  • 15 Jun 2017
  • Sunaya
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Who knew we were such pioneers in the genre?

There’s something about those absolutely cringe worthy songs that make them stick to your mind like super glue. The track on its own would be awful, cringeworthy and absolutely worthless, but they just don't go from your mind! With Dhinchak Pooja going viral, we thought we should make a list of Malayalam songs that are equally if not more cringe worthy. 

If you have yet to hear about the viral Dhinchak Pooja, then you should probably read this article on FWD Life and hear her (probably) absolutely unforgettable song!

Silsila Hai Silsila

Rathri Shubharathri

Panam Varum Pokum

Image source

Watch the video for the song here, if you can handle it *cringes*.Infact most (maybe all) Santhosh Pandit songs can be added to the list!

But this is a short article, so let’s keep it at two.

Bonda Song (Oothappam Veno Penne Bonda Veno)

The Special Mention, the probable beginning root (maybe)?

This song is a super hit yes, but maybe we can trace back the roots of the genre to songs that had made no sense?

Know more malayalam songs that made your skin crawl with cringiness? Drop a comment!

Text: Susmitha Suresh    Photos: Various Sources    Featured image source

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