5 News Stories That Stay Relevant Only In The Monsoons

5 News Stories That Stay Relevant Only In The Monsoons

  • 29 May 2017
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From Mullaperiyar to traffic jams, these are stories that stay relevant once the rain hits the streets

Come monsoon and our feeds are filled with stories and news that seem to recur every monsoon, only to be forgotten for the rest of the year. Since Monsoon has seemingly began in Kochi as well, we at Wkochi thought it might be a good idea to make a list of five such news that seem to dominate in importance every Monsoon season.

Mullaperiyar Dam

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The issue has been going on for more than 3 years now. But we keep forgetting about it once the monsoons are over. It’s only when the rain starts that we Keralites remember that there’s a Dam that could burst any time and literally drown us all with the aftermaths. So ensue the debate and worry of a possible flood. 

Flash Floods and Landslides

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Kerala receives a lot of rain in the monsoon. With its diverse terrain it’s no wonder that there are a lot of floods and landslides in the state. But if we are talking about Kochi, most of our ‘floods’ are due to improper drainages. 


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Our roads are never that smooth, there’s always some maintenance work going on, patches light up the tracks and for a while it all seems fine. But come monsoon, it’s like the wound reopens and the bumpy roads greet the stressed drivers. Maybe if the metro opens up soon, it’ll be a boon to daily commuters?

Rain Induced Traffic Jams

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Rain can make travel hard for the normal traveller. The roads become hard to see and if your car is not air-conditioned, then that’s it. A day is ruined. We end up getting late, and the blocks get long and dragging. 

Epidemic Breakouts

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It’s damp, it’s cold and there’s less flow of air. Bread gets mouldy easily and people catch illness even faster. The risk of an epidemic breakout strays extremely high once it's Monsoon season. Kochi is notoriously famous for its mosquitoes, and they act as carriers to many diseases. Where do mosquitoes breed? Water.  

Text: Susmitha Suresh   Photos: Various Sources

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