A chat at Photo Chat

A chat at Photo Chat

  • 23 Oct 2017
  • Nikhil
  • Features

The third edition of ‘Photo Chat’ was conducted at Ledhi Art cafe on October 21

It's not every day that you get to be part of a group of passionate photographers and talk about your photographs. Satish Menon, the owner of Ledhi Art Cafe has a heart for supporting all kinds of passions and talent. Whether it is photography, video making, book reading sessions, poetry session, stand up acts or painting exhibitions, Ledhi has the space for it all.

The session was coordinated by Radhesh Raj, a photographer who is specialized in Horse Photography. The chat included individuals from amateur to professional level photographers. From queries about purchasing a good camera to expressing your opinions without any formalities about everyone's photographs, the Photo Chat proved to be a session of fun and knowledge.

Antony Prasad commented that “Before Satish had started this Photo Chat sessions, he used to give great comments like ‘awesome photograph’ for every photograph I show him. But, after he started attending this Photo Chat session, he started being selective of my photographs and that shows how these sessions have had an impact that we improved our photography and perspective skills in such short time.”
The session had talked about the basic rules of photography like the ‘rule of 3rd’, lighting techniques, setting up a frame and some details about what could happen if you don’t get the permission of the individual you have photographed and if they file a case against you in court. The next session of the Photo Chat will be held on the third Saturday of November and these passionate photographers said that “ this is a place where we get to learn and share our experiences and get reviews about our favorite clicks”.

Text and Image credits: Nikhil Wilson          

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