A rich and royal cake mixing

A rich and royal cake mixing

  • 19 Oct 2017
  • Nikhil
  • Features

Radisson Blu conducted their cake mixing event at AVA Lounge

Some traditions are meant to be kept alive and a custom that started centuries back is still going on as a huge celebration.The cake mixing event at Radisson Blu on October 17 was a treat for the senses with a huge table spread with the ingredients and another one with wine tumblers.Chef Varghese Thoppil said, “We are the only one in Kochi who make the ‘Royal Rich Plum Cake’. What makes our cake mixing different is that we use more ingredients than the others. We don't use only raisins; we use black currants and much more. Last year we had great sales and we are expecting much better and bigger sales for our cakes this year. We are also giving a part of the profit from the cake sales to a charitable organization this year.”

As the cake mixing started and people poured in the wine on top of the ingredients and started mixing it, the room was soon enveloped with the heady aromas. As the mixing finally settled down and the chefs took over, everyone who came for the cake mixing was invited for the high-tea at the AVA Lounge.

Among the guests were Laura, Helen, and Patt,  who were in a hurry to catch their flight back to Australia. Enjoying the event, they said, “We had great fun here and we are so happy that we were able to be a part of this interesting event. It’s so great to see the huge number of people coming in to be a part of this wonderful and lively tradition”.

Text Credits: Nikhil Wilson               Image Credits: Anand A N 


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