12 Locations to Appreciate Art in Kochi

12 Locations to Appreciate Art in Kochi

  • 29 May 2016
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The Kochi Muziris Biennale has truly brought Kochi to the forefornt of the art world. While we wait for the two years to go past between every Biennale, there are many galleries taking root, bringing local and international art to Kochi. As astounding as this may seem, there's an order to the art world, and to the gallery system. It's a system that's been in place pretty much as long as buying and selling art has been around, and it's not about to change. So the quicker you learn the basics, the more time, effort, money and especially heartache you'll save when searching for galleries that are right for your art. The good news is that once you understand how things work, you can purposefully and effectively make your way through artland in order to get where you want to go, wherever that may be. This is a list of the number of art galleries in Kochi in alphabetical order.


Backyard Civilization


Since 2012

0484 221 0171

BC Collective is a creative constellation of arts - visual, language, theatre and sound. Sited in Kochi, BC works as a habitat and show space for art-forms old and new. BC Collective seeks to demystify the boundaries between the local and the international in ways that embody the idea of Kochi as an ancient cosmopolis.


David Hall

Fort Kochi

Since 2012

0484 221 8298

David Hall is a beautiful Dutch bungalow that has been restored and has taken on a new life as a cultural centre with a gallery for contemporary art, with a focus on providing a platform for young artists. With its café and space for performing arts and other mesmerizing events, the historic building could be an inspiring, vibrant meeting place for fresh talent and lovers of art.


Durbar Hall Art Gallery

Marine Drive

Since 1991

0484 345 6986

The Durbar Hall Ground is a popular location for various cultural activities in the coastal city of Kochi. The compound of the ground also has the Durbar Hall, which now functions mostly as an art gallery. The ground itself is used for various cultural programmes of interest to the general public. For a long while this ground remained neglected and served as a dump yard of sorts. The ground, now owned by the Revenue Department, was tidied up giving it a lush green look, new sparkling walkways and everything to serve as a leisure spot.


Gallery OED


Since 2004

094471 08011

Gallery OED has been eagerly working towards encouraging and promoting art and artists from in and around Kerala. The very location and ambiance of the gallery is a testament to its dedication in promoting the art scene in the state. Located in the historic Old Bazaar of Mattancherry, the newly renovated art gallery is a living, breathing evidence of how magic happens when the past endeavors meet the present.


Heritage Arts Antique Shop


Since 1989

0484 221 1145

In Heritage Arts you can find the rarest of those antiques that reflects the majestic indian culture and traditions. Starting way back in 1989 the shop has grown big as an antique retail brand and also owns a variety  concept Ginger House Restaurant. It’s a Museum Restaurant with its interiors including the counters, dining areas and ceilings  flaunting the richness of Indian tradition.


Janak Fine Art Gallery

Panampilly Nagar

Since 2003

0484 319 9880

Famous for their oil painting, watercolor painting, mural painting, and sketching; Janak Art Gallery have almost 10 years of experience which covers a wide range of disciplines and genres . Having a wide collection of professionally designed artworks ranging from clean portfolio galleries to surreal worlds created for visitors, the art gallery also commissions artists for projects.


Kashi Art Café

Fort Kochi

Since 1997

0484 221 5769

Kashi Art Café is not just a gallery space, it’s a meeting place, a point where art meets the enthusiast. It is an airy tropical garden café with a restful ambiance; a good place for exchanging ideas with people from around the world.


Kerala Folklore Museum


Since 2009

0484 266 5452

As you step into this three-storied laterite edifice and take a stroll down history, every waft that you encounter is scented with times gone by, its culture and heritage. Is a unique venture to preserve the splendid folklore wealth of the state. The museum is truly a treasure trove that showcases the rich heritage that Kerala radiates through its numerous art and dance forms. 


Lulu Mall Gallery


Since 2012

0484 272 7777

Surprising or not, Lulu Mall has a gallery space on the second floor that showcases art and sculpture throughout the year. Since it is one of the most popular areas in Kochi, having an art gallery in a mall brings people closer to appreciating art at a larger scale. Keep watching our page for events and updates.


Museum of Kerala History


SInce 2000

0484 2541768

The Gallery of Arts and Sculptures at the museum has many original pieces of work by illustrious, contemporary artists. The exhibits also provide a glimpse into the various phases of Indian art. The artistes featured include acclaimed mural painter Mammiyoor Krishnan Kutty Nair, M F Hussain, the best-known painter in the country, Raja Ravi Varma, the painter-king,  Jamini Roy, Manu Parekh, Ram Kumar, Ganesh Haloi etc. Paintings belonging to various states or regions, like Orissa and Bengal, and schools like the Thanjavoor school are also on display. Also see the miniature and doll displays. They host many events including music, dance and plays.


NewCastle Art Gallery 


Since 2006

0484 221 0737

New Castle Gallery is a destination for the best collections of antiques from around the world. Decked with century-old antiques and magnificent art pieces, New Castle Gallery offers you a peek into the exotic world of masterpieces, carpets and other crafted objects, a showroom painstakingly collected over time from great castles of Europe, Middle East and various other cultures both inside and outside India making it a must visit place in Kochi. Decorated with beautiful paintings and murals, the art gallery is something that will be a real treat for your eyes. Alongside a restaurant, the gallery gives you a close look at various styles and themes of paintings that richly illustrate the prominent sights of Kerala and its culture.


Razi Rozario Art Gallery


Since 1999

0484 405 2322

Artist Razi Rozario is a late bloomer, having taken up art seriously only in the last decade. Originally from Aluva, Rozario has his studio in Ernakulam. He travels extensively through rural Kerala to search for subjects for his paintings. Thus, Kerala's pastoral scenes dominate the exhibition with the monsoon and rain as central themes in 12 paintings, re-emphasized in the title ‘Rain Again’.


Compiled by: Bryan Bonyfus

Photos: Various Sources


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