• 22 Jul 2017
  • Nikhil
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'AT LEDHI WITH THE BARD'. Sowmya Vidhyadhar talks about her poems and has a chat with some poetry lovers

Sowmya Vidhyadhar, a well-known poet, and a freelance copy editor had her first poet session at Ledhi art cafe.

Sowmya, known for her poems telling the stories of women everywhere in the world, for her use of language and sarcastic tools, had her first poet session at Ledhi Art Cafe. The event was organised by Mr. Satheesh, the owner of the cafe.  

Sowmya came with her little diary where she had written down her poems. She started the session with her poem about 'How women are being mistreated and taken advantage of, from early childhood to even after marriages.' 

Few of Sowmya's Facebook followers had also shown up for the session, which brightened up the smile in Sowmya and her husband Aaryan. The event was concluded after one of Sowmya's Facebook follower read out his poem for Sowmya and the rest of the audience. Sowmya commented that she was happy to learn that her works were able to create a change in someone in one way or the other.








(Sowmya reciting one her poems to the audience)

Image Credit: FWD Media

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