Being a foodie on Roam Around Friday with Rs 500

Being a foodie on Roam Around Friday with Rs 500

  • 22 Nov 2017
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This Roam Around Friday, Wkochi set out on a journey to find out some of the best places in Kochi to have your food on time with a total budget of Rs 500.

Just like any journey to explore Kochi, I always plan ahead of my trip. I try to find out the best places with reasonable prices but also good in quality and quantity. 

Aim of the journey: Exploring Kochi with the  aim of  finding out the best place to have  breakfast, lunch, and dinner - all under Rs 500 

Destination 1: Gokul Oottupura
Location: Kaloor-Kadavanthara Road


I love having a crispy Dosa and chutney for my breakfast and the Gokul Oottupura was one of the most suggested places for it by my friends. As I reached the restaurant, I looked for a place to sit down.As I browsed through the long list of dishes, one of the tables was taken up by a family who seemed to be from North India (they were communicating in Hindi). I ordered myself a Butter Masala Dosa and a filter coffee and I looked around to observe other diners at the place. I was happy to see that most of them were enjoying the food they were having. 

The Butter Masala Dosa came in and the smell of the butter and the filter coffee made me drool. I couldn’t wait any longer and plunged into the crispy golden Butter Masala Dosa, and within minutes I had finished it along with the two chutneys and sambar. The coffee was a bit strong for me but adding extra sugar did the trick and I was satisfied.

Tips: Always prefer eating from the restaurant, instead of taking a parcel as you don’t want to eat a soggy dosa or poori. The sugar in the filter coffee will be at the bottom, so make sure you mix the coffee before you have it.

Expense: Rs 103
Cash in hand: Rs 397

Destination 2: Pandari's Biryani 
Location:  CP Ummer Road, Ernakulam North, Pullepady, Kochi


As a Malayali, whenever someone asks me what is my favourite food is, I always have the same answer without any hesitation - ‘Biriyani’, because biriyani is love. So it was no surprise that the next destination for my Roam Around Friday had to be a biriyani spot and Pandari's was one of the most suggested eateries. As I reached the place, the man standing at the cash counter smiled at me and asked me for my order. The restaurant has placed the menu on their front glass so that people standing outside the hotel, waiting to get a table can decide what to order. I requested a Chicken Biriyani and had to wait only one minute as the waiter came in with my Biriyani. This was because the place sees a rush hour of Biryani orders for lunch and the restaurant hence, keeps the food ready to served hot off the kitchen. The biryani rice was cooked perfectly and it turned out to be of my taste as they didn’t  dump a lot of masala over the rice. There were three chicken pieces and that was a surprise for me. The main highlight to me was not the biryani, but the ‘Puli Inji’ they served along with dish. 

Tip: The place gets filled very fast, so if you are planning to go there, make sure you go early.

Expense: Rs 130
Cash in hand: Rs 267

Destination 3: Ceylon Bake House
Location: MG Road, Ernakulam, near Padma Theatre


After a heavy lunch,  I was having doubts about whether to go non-veg or veg for dinner. Remembering the sumptuous Chicken Biryani, I made up my mind for a vegetarian option and head out to Ceylon Bake House at MG Road. I’ve heard that they serve some of the best Butter Paneer and there is huge quantity in one dish. I decided to go with my friend’s opinion and ordered a Butter Paneer and two chapattis. The place is well kept and arranged and customers were just flowing in. The Butter Paneer looked delicious and tasted great. The quantity was too much for me, so I asked them to parcel the rest. The chapattis were a bit dry and that was the only thing that disappointed me.

Tips: If you are ordering chapatti and you get a dry one, you can always ask them to get you a soft one. You can also parcel whatever you have left in the curry bowl and take it home.

Expense: Rs 120
Cash in hand: Rs 147

Destination 4: Lassi Shop
Location: Chittoor Road, Opp. Sree Sudheendra Medical Mission Hospital


There are many lassi chains operating around the city and the one closest to Ceylon Bake House was the Lassi Shop. It was time to end the Roam Around Friday and I wanted to end the journey with a Ferrero Rocher Mocktail, which was the perfect way to end the day.

Expense: Rs 50
Cash in hand: Rs 97

Well, that’s how my Roam Around Friday came to an end. e know that there are many other options around the city so, send us your suggestions and comments on why you prefer those places.

Text and images: Nikhil Wilson

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