8 Reasons to Head to Big'Joes for the Right Meat in Kochi

8 Reasons to Head to Big'Joes for the Right Meat in Kochi

  • 28 Jun 2016
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Juicy ribs dripping in barbecue sauce, a suckling pig, roast chicken with crispy potatoes, piping hot vindaloo with the right amount of tanginess, chicken tikka kebabs smothered in dip...the hero of the dish as they say in Masterchef Australia, is the protein. Getting the right protein for your food dreams is not that easy in Kochi, well that is till you enter the Big Joe’s Cold Storage. Here are few of the many reasons why you should go to Big Joe’s and meet the Big Joe himself.


1. Over 50 varieties of meat products

Big Joe’s stocks frozen meats include chicken, pork, mutton, fish, seafood, duck and more. Get pork chops, ribs, flavored sausages, seer fish, chicken breasts, chicken legs, mussels, a whole range of cuts and meats. Big Joe will soon stock beef as well.

2. National brands

Big Joe’s stocks national and international brands including Tanny’s, Quickee’s, DLG Ranch, Suguna, Sea Sparkle, Chevon, Delicious and more. Products come from metros in India and even Srilanka. A large number of cafes and restaurants in Kochi source from Big Joe’s.

3. Meet Big Joe

Big Joe is always available at the store, always ready with a warm greeting and a ready smile. A foodie himself, Big Joe will help you with the products and even share his favorite recipes with you. Though he claims he is not a great cook like his mom, his passion for food is rather evident in his excitement. Brought up abroad in different countries, Big Joe understands his meat like no one else. And if you want a particular cut or product, he will get it for you.


4. Tried and tested

Every product in the store in tried and tested. Big Joe tells us stories of how he refused to stock some products from brands he sells, just because he didn’t like them. There was also a man who just walked into the store, and impressed with Big Joe’s knowledge about his products, got onboard to sell his meat items. So you have Big Joe’s thumbs up for the products in the store.


5. Peking duck, suckling pig and more rare cuts in Kochi!

A delicious Big Salmon from Norway to serve as hors d'oeuvres or Fletcher's lamb from Australia? It is mission possible in Kochi, thanks to Big Joe’s Cold storage that stores even pork belly. Choose from pork chops, the healthier back bacon, meatballs, Goan sausages, frozen berries, turkey, guinea and more. Products are subject to availability, but all you have to do is give Big Joe a call or send a WhatsApp message and he will let you know. All the rare meats are to be pre-ordered.


6. Ready to cook items

Packaged items of export quality are available here. Mutton cheese patty will make a delicious burger, while you can start off any party with the marinated Chicken Reshmi kebab, Minty kebabs, Chicken tikka or Haryali tikka. Big Joe also sells sauces and dips to go with the starters. Pre order the whole roasted chicken that you just need to pop into the oven, or ask Big Joe for his special pork vindaloo.


7. Reliable Pricing

The store keeps a constant price which is really good when the festival season comes. Therefore there is no surprising fluctuation in the price whichever month it is.


8. Home Delivery

Big Joe’s Cold Storage has delivery to areas within 5km of the store. They also are planning to open up a new branch in Aluva, which means that more Kochiites will have access to good meat products.


Words: Maria John

Feature Image: Wikimedia.org


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