7 Burger Myths You Will Bust At The Burger Junction

7 Burger Myths You Will Bust At The Burger Junction

  • 15 Apr 2016
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When you think about having a burger in Kochi, your mind takes a leap to that street in Panampilly Nagar and all the way to the first floor of The Burger Junction. TBJ as it is popularly known, strives to be exactly that; the first thing you think of when you tummy growls brrrgrrr. Manju and her brother Joe Mathew love burgers and she knew she had to do something when she reached an authentic-burgerless Kochi, leaving behind a lucrative career in banking.  We sat down to a surprising chat with Manju, while customers came enquiring for burgers as early as 11 in the morning! And they patiently came back, when the store opened at 12. There must be something in the burg-air up here.


  1. Burgers are unhealthy - your junk food beeper just went off, didnt it? Manju begs to differ. The patties are hand made every day with halal meat. Vegetables and buns are responsibly sourced fresh. The buns are toasted and the burger is cooked when you order. So no fast food concept here. The friendly staff at TBJ can help you choose or assemble a tasty healthy burger or if you insist, pack on the punch by adding cheese and your favorite sauces.


  1. Burgers have buns - boom! No bun. TBJ gives you burgers wrapped in lettuce so that you can avoid those capricious carbs. If you have wheat allergy, then TBJ is your saving grace. Most diets prescribe protein and vegetables. So TBJ burgers are healthy options. Period.

  1. Burger buns are white - or that bread color, if you want us to be specific. Wrong again. TBJ proves why it is not just another burger joint with its insane periodic innovations. This is the only place around that serves sweet potato buns, just like Shake Shack in New York City. Enjoy a red Samurai Burger or the Dark Knight. Yes Mr.Wayne, it does come in Black.


  1. Burgers are chicken - though we don’t know if burgers will run away from the war front, at TBJ choose from beef, chicken, fish and veggie patties. They don't just have options for everyone, but extremely tasty options. TBJ has taken authentic burger education to another level and now sees 80% customers order the beef burger.


  1. Burgers are too big for kids - TBJ has special sliders for kids or anybody who wants a smaller portion. Small in size, but big on taste.

  1. Burgers shouldn’t be covered up -  a lot of people wonder why the TBJ burgers come wrapped in foil. The foil does not foil the taste. Instead, it retains the heat, makes the bun softer and lets the sauces infuse into the patty. Are you drooling already? Manju says she must have started a trend, because she sees this in many places now.


  1. Juicy Patty means more sauce - the handmade patties with the secret spice mix retain the flavor of the meat when it reaches your table. TBJ makes sure not to kill the carefully chosen meat in the sauces, instead using it to enhance the taste. The sauces have been customized for the Indian palette and you have many options to choose from. Some of their special in-house sauces are TBJ Special (of course), Chipotle and Samurai.


With her brother Joe, who is a commercial pilot, Manju Mathew set up The Burger Junction in 2014. From the humble outlet in Edappally, they have branched out to a bigger address at Panampilly Nagar.  Joe Mathew is the mad burger scientist, cooking up mind blowing concoctions of flavor inspired by his ongoing travels and Manju is the stalwart captain of the ship. Or rather the sheriff of the burger town with its rustic Western salon style interiors in reds, blacks and browns. The Burger Junction with a capacity of 50 seats can be booked for parties, they undertake party orders and home delivery for a minimum of Rs.300.



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