Channeling the Mahatma

Channeling the Mahatma

  • 26 May 2015
  • Maria John
  • Features
On International Worker’s Day, Artist Riyas Komu has conceived a revolutionary figure in a different perspective. Frames of red with a ‘Che Guevera-esque’ Gandhi occupy the walls of Kashi Art Gallery. Gandhi from 1931 grins, looking ahead to the future and above him are verses that may seem far removed from his vision. Gandhi From Kochi is an oil on canvas artwork that asks you to reflect on what is important and find connections between seemingly unrelated things. Komu uproots Gandhi from the familiar and delivers him with the words, perception, violence, victim, fear and control. It is up to us to remember the premise that brought the Mahatma to the forefront and not forget his true mission. In Stoned Goddesses, the artist addresses the various milestones in India’s history. Set in stone, they are to be read with reflection, literally, as they directly or indirectly influence us as individuals or as a community.

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