Chasing Back A Journey Of The Formation Of A Thought

Chasing Back A Journey Of The Formation Of A Thought

  • 19 Jul 2017
  • Sunaya
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What 'Dirty Dreams' are made of

You’ve come quite far from a conversation at a tea store. How does it feel?

Our conversations began quite a few years ago. Starting a band was not even in our minds back then.Three of the band members--  Arjun Aravind, Fayaz Haneefa and myself (Abhishek)--  are childhood friends. Chaddy-buddies literally. We were neighbors and Arjun and I were also in the same class in Kindergarten. Later during college days Arjun met our bassist Keerthan, who is also in the neighborhood. Music was always a part of our lives and with age we realized that all us shared the same interest and also loved pretty much the same kind of music. It is almost as if this band had to happen, it was only a matter of when.  This is only the beginning and we have a long long way to go. Frankly it feels great to create music with like minded people who are also friends.

Does performing live give you an adrenaline rush?

Live performances are always just a great experience. More than the adrenaline rush it is all about the energy that gets shared between the audience and the performers. 

What is your debut release, Dirty Dreams all about?

Well, Dirty Dreams is a journey of the formation of a thought. It is how a thought shapes the character of a person who then becomes aware of his 'self'  when the perspectives of a thought and a dream converse. The song escalates to a point where the person begins to shed his false identities and wakes up to begin his journey, a journey of his own.

What projects are in the pipeline at the moment?

We are currently onto our second song 'Intersection'. We have already performed it at some of our live venues.So currently we are planning on working on its music video. An EP is definitely in the pipeline for us since we are ready with 3 songs as of now. We are planning to bring it all out in a couple of months.

Text: Devika V Menon   Photos: Chasing Back

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