Chidakasha All Set To Launch Their Debut Music Video ‘Tigress’

Chidakasha All Set To Launch Their Debut Music Video ‘Tigress’

  • 04 Apr 2018
  • Nikhil
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Wkochi has a chat with the band members of Chidakasha, who are  all set for the launch of their debut music video

At a time when a lot of bands are coming up, Chidakasha is one to look out for as they are all set to launch their debut music video ‘Tigress’. Sachin Rajeev, the songwriter and lead vocalist of the band says that it was how his friend survived a crisis in her life, that inspired him to create the song Tigress. Talking about the song, he says, “It’s a fun and groovy song with a really catchy chorus along with some bass notes.” Other members of the band  include  Arjun Subrah on the lead guitars and vocal, Rohit Sanjay on the bass guitar, and Dixon Dennis on the drums.

Sachin is pursuing his bachelor's degree in engineering at Mar Athanasius College, while the other three are graduates from Chinmaya Vidyapeeth. The four band members met each other through Street Jam, a local open mic platform for talented people in Kochi, which is organised by a group named Showtime Kochi. “Our songs fuse elements of progressive music, funk, Carnatic, Hindustani, metal and many more styles”, says Sachin. 

The music video will be screened at the launch gig on April 7 at Studio Pepperfry, Panampilly Nagar.The band members have had their fair share of experiences playing with other bands.  Sachin was a part of the band ‘Diaries of a Manchild’,  Arjun and Rohit were a part of a metal band named ‘Demortem’, and Dixon has worked with bands like ‘Mesmerockiza’, ‘Honour Among Thieves’ and ‘Raven in the Sea’. “The song embodies the confluence of our individual musical journeys, coming together to form a song which smoothly harmonizes all our musical influences and inspirations. It is our current favorite song and we love to groove to it, and hopefully, everyone else will enjoy it as much we do,” says Arjun. The band is managed by Artma, and Come Together is managing all their gigs. The band will be also seen performing at OnFleak Season 3 along with other artists and bands. 

Kochi is a centre of all kinds of music, Chidakasha is looking forward to introducing the world to their music as they are getting ready for their initial gigs. Wkochi wishes the band a bright and great future. 

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Text Credits: Nikhil Wilson        Images From:  Chidakasha

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