Creative journey of Cartist Yatra

Creative journey of Cartist Yatra

  • 20 Dec 2017
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Cartist Yatra took Kochi for a ride from December 16-18 at Durbar Hall Ground

The Cartist Yatra has been on India Tour from last 45 days. They were recently in Kochi, where participants and artists took part in the art and cultural programs from 16-18 December. Along with this, Cartist showcased its automobile artwork in the premises of Durbar hall ground. It was an attempt to promote the culture of Kochi through art and aesthetics.

A similar scene took place in Bangalore, where from 8-10 December, Cartist organized the activities as a part of its artistic endeavor. A spectacular "scrap art" sculpture was the centerpiece of General Motors' 

The art exhibition displayed the three giant shipping containers, painted cars, automobile artworks and a lot more. The exhibition showcased a whole variety of modern art pieces including two must-see 1:1 scale handmade frames of Jaguar E-Type and a Volkswagen Beetle. The caravan of Cartist artist painted shipping containers, 15 artists and a huge collection of automobile art in Bangalore. They also provided a platform for the local folk artists who performed the various folk dance forms.

The journey till now: Cartist yatra begin from 4th November from Jaipur and reached Mayo college Ajmer as its first destination. The students of mayo college showed interest in automobile art and painted a wall along with the artists. Few students painted a canvas on automobile theme and showcased their miniature making talent. After Ajmer, the yatra went to Bhilwara and Udaipur where art events on similar lines were organized. The first interstate destination for yatra was at Ahmedabad where, in a span of the three days, the highlight of the event was the live canvas painting event engaging 125 artists and art students from different parts of the city and the state. The participants prepared the artworks on the theme of an automobile with a connection to the heritage of the city. Making a canvas so distinct, various automobiles like MG, Tata Nano etc.. were also being painted during the event including two motorcycles.

After Ahmedabad, the yatra reached Mumbai which witnessed the participation of more than 125 artists and thousands of visitors praising this concept of automobile art. Out of the 125 artists, 25 participants were the students of JJ School of art. All the participants created artworks in their distinct genre for automobile art theme. Cartist also allotted two Mercedes cars to the artist to be painted on the spot. This was an effort to promote the local artists, where they can show a combination of moving murals with some sort of social meaning and message attached. The yatra was further taken to Pune where it got huge participation from the people. For the first time ever in the history of the automobile world, a brand new Mercedes E-type 220 was painted and Ambassador(strong muscular car with a rich history) was also painted during the event at Pune. During the Cartist yatra’s event at Hyderabad, Cartist got two cars, Verna and Maruti, which was also painted by the artists.

Along with this, about 75 artists participated and created artworks on canvas in their distinct genre of depiction on the automobile theme. In total, in a span of one month, Cartist painted 17 cars, witnessed the participation of more than 600 artists and 15 schools during the Cartist yatra. At the end of the three months, Cartist will be organizing the annual Cartist automobile art festival 2018 at a huge level inviting the selected artists from each city to Jaipur in the month of February.

CARTIST-YATRA is a prime conception by the CARTIST organization, dedicated to encouraging the art and culture through the premeditated journey covering the major art and cultural centers (cities) across the country, by travelling 9100 kilometers in a span of 110 days making halts at Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Delhi.  Himanshu Jangid of Cartist said that “For us, this was a historical journey in itself. We started from Jaipur on 4th of November with a hope to see whether people support them and after receiving tremendous support from all the cities, we are highly obliged. And after witnessing so much love for the art, we will definitely come with even a bigger event in the near future.”

Text Credits: Shibul Pavithran 

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