Cultural Fascism: Battling the evil in the minds

Cultural Fascism: Battling the evil in the minds

  • 09 Mar 2018
  • Nikhil
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Critic and writer P K Pokker and author Siddique M A deliberated over the hazards posed by counterfeit patriotism

It was a display of intellectual minds that have evaluated the goings-on in India in the most neutral manner, from a vantage point; a mind-set that is lacking and is the need of the hour among public persons in the country. Critic and writer P K Pokker and author Siddique M A were speaking their minds on the subject of ‘Cultural Fascism’ at M P Paul hall in Bolgatty Palace.

The two speakers emphasised the need for educated thinking and assessment of social and political situations in the country. They spoke vehemently against the politicisation of art and the imposing of unwarranted censorship. Freedom of expression is the fundamental right of every person, who should be allowed to live in her or his country in the manner they chose.

“When we speak about cultural fascism, we should think about those who have lost their freedom of expression. We should think about why someone like M F Husain had to leave the country. It is indeed shameful that a world famous artist like him had to leave the country of his birth, which is renowned for its rich culture and arts,” said P K Pokker. 

Siddique highlighted the pseudo-nationalism that has gripped the country at current times, and the danger it poses. He asked the audience to pause and think about the treacherous consequences of political organisations that are using nationalism as the weapon to blind the citizens and to further lead blinded citizens. He called out the fake fanaticism towards the nation that is fabricated and professed through the arts, feeding citizens at every juncture. 

Text Credits: Charishma Thankappan        Image Credits: Nikhil Wilson

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