Cyber safety awareness through Magic Show

Cyber safety awareness through Magic Show

  • 08 Dec 2017
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Gopinath Muthukad performs magic and spread awareness on Cybercrimes and safety

Magic has always been the art that keeps our eyeballs and attention grabbed always with tricks and illusions. Yes! Kerala police have come up with something new and innovative to spread awareness. It was a very different initiative to create consciousness on Cybersafety and to give out tips on internet safety to the youngsters with the help of magic.

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The students of St. Teresa College in Kochi gathered to witness the magic show by the popular magician Gopinath Muthukad.Organised under the initiative ‘Ellusion’, a magical awareness programme on cyber safety, the show put the spotlight on cyber crimes with the amazing tricks that he performed.

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The first act by Muthukad was an experiment by using Acting Chief Justice Antony Dominic’s mobile phone. A picture of the audience was clicked with the phone. Later, the phone was shown to be damaged, only to prove that even if it gets destroyed, photos in it could be retrieved. It was to make students aware that the data in a phone can never be lost and they should be careful about sharing photos.

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Then he engaged the students in an interactive session called Watch your WATCH. ‘WATCH’ is an abbreviation given by Muthukad, which means Words, Action, Thoughts, Character and Habit. This was addressed to the parents and teachers to keep track of a person’s behaviour and character change which should be carefully noticed and discussed.

Hats off to the police team, because it turned to something innovative and helpful for all who are less aware of the consequences and cyber safety.

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