“Dad, will the Kochi metro fly like a roller coaster?”

“Dad, will the Kochi metro fly like a roller coaster?”

  • 12 Oct 2017
  • Nikhil
  • Features

Wkochi has a chat with the brains behind the Kochi metro signature video 'Explayin' and here is their story

The icebreaker moment

We were really keyed up to produce a signature video for Kochi Metro’s second reach and were thinking around citizen's’ expectation, future, etc. We were not interested in mainstream live advertisements with emotional and sentimental stuff. We decided it will be different and first of its kind for a Kerala brand. In an office get together at our technical director, Anas Mohammad’s home, during our brainstorming session, we were referring some photographs and live campaigns. Anas's kids Who were playing in the room were constantly interrupting the meeting. The younger child Ismail was doing some stunts with a  toy bus and the elder girl Mariyam was playing along with him. Mariyam interfered and ask Anas, “Dad, this metro - will it fly like a roller coaster?”. This was the ice breaking moment and we focused on the keywords innocence, dream and fantasy.

We did some research and understood that the Metro travels across the heart of the city and decided upon that as the core concept that we had to work around. We were pretty much sure that we have to start the video with an innocent girl’s  entry. We started brainstorming around it and our Creative DirectorAnil started storyboarding various versions.

The reactions

It was just like any other commercial we do, but we never expected it to get so much of attention.We are getting appreciations from National ad agencies and media. The best part is that we are getting a lot of calls from friends as well as perfect strangers. It just doesn't stop; we are getting notifications all the time and we are elated. This is the love for Kochi and Kochi metro. It seems that we have connected with Malayalees’ aspirations and dreams.


Text and Image credits:  Explayin 

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