Dance A’Fair The Melange Of Art Forms To Be Held By The Floor, Kochi

Dance A’Fair The Melange Of Art Forms To Be Held By The Floor, Kochi

  • 11 May 2017
  • Susmitha Suresh
  • Features

The third edition of The Floor’s Dance A’fair is all set to take off on May 13th

Dance A’Fair, The Floor Kochi’s annual event is a melange of art forms performed by both renowned artists from around the country and the students of the Floor. After two consecutive years of triumphant episodes, The Floor unfolds the third edition of Dance A’Fair by setting a higher benchmark.

This year, Dance A’Fair stands for two days of thrill and excitement. On day one, May 13, 2017, is Arclight - artists meet amateurs’-the very tagline for Dance A’Fair 2017. The performances unfold at JT Pac. The recitals include both artists and students performances with a wide variety of genres like Ballet-Contemporary, Dance-Theatre, Kalaripayattu, Belly-Dance, Afro- Latin and Hip Hop.

The opening piece is ‘Rasa’ -a contemporary dance work by Aangik (THE FLOOR’s performing company). ‘Rasa’ is based on the Chinese philosophy, Yin-Yang. It explores the various metaphors of black and white, evoking a range of emotions in both the audience and performers alike. This piece, brings together on stage, all the contemporary artists, featuring Dil Sagar, Satyajit Ravindranath, Govind Krishna & Arunima Gupta. 

The next production named ‘Unfurling’ is Contemporary -Ballet Children’s Dance Theatre based on Hans Anderson’s ‘The Ugly duckling’ and performed by the students of The Floor. The production is directed and choreographed by Arunima Gupta and Shreenath Muthyala.

‘Naritva’ - an assertive piece on women empowerment will be portrayed by the contemporary students of the academy headed by Sathyajit Ravindranath and Arunima Gupta. 

Besides the major contemporary pieces, the evening will also showcase Belly Dance by Jyothi Vijaykumar & team, Hip Hop choreography by SanJay MJ and team and a Latin showcase lead by Megha Khatri and SanJay MJ. The evening will definitely see some of the best movers in India unleashing it on stage. 

Day two of Dance A’Fair named ‘Alloy-an eclectic collection of master-classes’ is a series of master-classes at Hotel Olive Downtown by well-acclaimed mentors of dance & fitness from different parts of the country. The workshops between 9:30 am to 6 pm are stuffed with lots of fun, learning and catching up, just apt for the young happy-go-lucky crowd of Cochin.

To complement all the performances and learning, an evening Social & themed After Party at the most happening hotel in the city - Crowne Plaza takes the excitement higher with more opportunities for networking and camaraderie.

The event seems like an awesome opportunity for dance enthusiasts and professionals alike, to practice, perform and network. 

Text by: FWD Media   Photos: Dance A'Fair

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