Eight Crafty Little Things You Can Do For Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Eight Crafty Little Things You Can Do For Your Mom This Mother’s Day

  • 08 May 2017
  • Susmitha Suresh
  • Features

Make this Mother’s Day special in ways more than one

Did you know the significance of second Sundays in May? If you already didn’t know, well it's Mother's Day. A day for Mums everywhere to feel appreciated and respected. I for one, am of the opinion that every day should be Mother’s Day. Why? A mum is such an inspiration, she’s the warmth we can fall back into. The same could be said about Dad’s too, but let’s be honest, we feel a little extra for our Mom’s. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we started off as a part of her. There’s a gratitude for bringing us into this world, for letting us be and for bringing us up.

But today’s almost over. So what can you do, a little something more than usual to show how much you adore your mum? Here’s a few that we thought up.

Get Her A Gift Box


This one is pretty simple. Make it different by getting her a variety of things she actually likes. In my case, my mum likes gardening, novels, and music of all kind. So I’d gift her a gift box with seeds, guides, old novels by authors I know she likes and maybe a Saavn or Gaana subscription. You need to know your Mom for this one.

Gift Her A Vacation


A day without helping others with the 101 things they could very well do for themselves? Yes, please! Gift your Mum that awesome vacation with her buddies away from you. Let her be her own person for a change.

Write A Heartfelt Letter And Make A Photo Collage


This one comes super easy. It’ll take less than an hour in total. Write, in your own hand, what she is to you. Give her thanks for putting up with all your rational and irrational tantrums and for loving you when you hated yourself. What would we be without mothers?

A Day At The Spa


A full day. Let her relax and unwind. Take it a step further and get her a yearly subscription so that she can spend the weekend feeling pampered. Check out this neat offer at Crowne Plaza.

Take Her Out On A Date


Focus on her. Treat her like the Queen that she is. Listen to all her wishes, even the seemingly silly ones. Who knows, they might mean something special to her. Or better yet, send her on a date with your dad. They deserve some quality time together.

Treat Her To All Her Favourite Foods


Sumptuous meals all day long. Like most everything on the list, this is something you should regularly do. But before you do, make sure you know what she likes. Most of us forget to ask our mums about the things they like, but we never think before throwing a tantrum for her randomly forgetting one of ours.

Gift Her Handmade Coupons


If you don’t know how to make handy coupons then here’s a wikihow article on how. Write up things you wouldn’t usually do for her. This is a great last minute gift, but if you want to make it look better, give it along with a thoughtful gift.

Promise To Spend More Time With Her…...And Keep It


A simple promise can mean the world to her. Only, why not frame this ‘Promise’ and hang it up so she can always see it. Keep a copy with you so you don’t forget either.


My mum is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. But we do take her for granted at times. It’s sad that it takes a Mother’s Day to make us think of her worth and come up with ways to make her smile. This post is dedicated to Mums everywhere, be it by blood or by bond.

Text: Susmitha Suresh     Photos: Various Sources

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