Eka - THE BAND: Turning Dreams to Reality

Eka - THE BAND: Turning Dreams to Reality

  • 12 Nov 2017
  • Nikhil
  • Features

Eka - THE BAND steps into the Kochi music scene with a bang at JTPac on November 11

Some dreams do come true if you never give up and work hard. Playback singer Ranjini Jose always had a special place for music bands and it was her dream to have a music band of her own. Ranjini, who believes in spirituality said, “Eka is not just a name, it’s my belief. I believe everything is made by one god, even though we call him by different names.”

 Actor, director, music director, and singer Nadirsha, playback singer Biju Narayanan, along with (full name) Thomas, manager of SEEKEN mobile,  Shibu Chakravarthy (designation),  Fazaluddeen Thangal, and Ranjini Jose, lit the lamp and officially launched Eka - THE BAND. Actor Manikandan launched the official website of Ranjini Jose and the show was anchored by Jeenu Nazeer.

As the lights slowly went down, band member Ralfin Stephen (keyboardist), Ashwin Aryan (lead guitar and backing vocal), Akhil Babu (rummer), Samuel Jacob (bass guitarist) and Ranjini  (lead vocal) came to the stage and set up their instruments. From the shadows, they came into the spotlight as Eka - THE BAND stood in front of the crowd for the first time. The band started with a song to the gods above, this song made me a believer in Eka - THE BAND. More than three months of day and night practice sessions were paying off at the stage as Eka - THE BAND showed people that they can do any type of songs, regardless of the genre. 

The band had 14 songs on their setlist and they promised that they would be soon doing their own compositions and presenting it to the world. From ghazals to Michael Jackson’s ‘The Earth Song’ to some of the greatest melodies of all time, the band's name Eka - THE BAND proved to be right about one thing and that is Music is love. The band performed some of Ranjini’s tracks which helped her put her name in the music industry like ‘Maasam Maasam Monsoon Maasam’ and one of her favorite tracks while growing up, Shania Twain’s ‘Impress me much’. 

The show was great and the audience had an enjoyable time at JTPac. Actor Nadhirsha said, “I am very happy that Ranjini has finally achieved her dream of having a band of her own and I pray that the band reaches great heights of success ”. Ranjini said,  “Even though I’ve been singing in front of a huge audience for quite some time, standing here is making me nervous and is making my heart beat faster. Maybe this is how having your own band feels like.”

After the show, Ranjini met her friends and fans for a chat and from the looks on her face, I knew she was happy and emotional at the same time, a combination of emotions you can see on someone who has been working hard for their dream and finally accomplishing it. 

Text and Credits: Nikhil Wilson

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