Eva’s Healthy Bakes: Wholesome Goodness

Eva’s Healthy Bakes: Wholesome Goodness

  • 18 Nov 2017
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Run by Jeemol Koruth, everything at this bakery doesn’t just taste good, it’s good for you too

My friend and I were walking down SA Road when we were drawn to the delectable scent of baking bread, warm cinnamon rolls and brownies. We followed the scent that lead us straight to the proverbial ginger bread house. And this home of all things baked and delicious has an added benefit, everything within its four walls is healthy and good for you. Does this story sound too good to be true? It’s not. Say ‘Hello!’ to Eva’s Healthy Bakes.

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of SA Road, this cosy little glass house is home to some of the most delicious baked goods that we’ve ever had. Opened just a week ago, Eva's Healthy Bakes has already garnered a great deal of rave reviews and a good customer base.

The woman behind it all is Jeemol Koruth, who not only owns and runs the place, but is also the chef who makes everything from scratch on a daily basis.

It's hard to believe that Jeemol, who today makes a wide variety of healthy baked goods, only began baking a few years ago. "Initially I was the kind of person who ate anything as long as it couldn't bite me back. It was only when Eva - my eldest daughter - was around 6 months and she began to eat a little bit of solid food that I began to get conscious about ingredients and check labels of everything I bought for her. That’s when I began baking.”

Jeemol’s baking began as a business back when she lived in Bangalore. “We lived in an apartment complex I decided to send out a mail on our resident's association mailing group every week with the menu for a 'Weekly Box' that featured five to six different baked items and I began to get a lot of orders.” She says. When she returned back to Kochi three years ago she wanted to get back to baking and began to take orders at home. Kochi proved to be a bit of a hard market to crack into. “Most people weren't into the whole idea of 'vegan', 'organic' or even 'healthy' baking. There wasn't a real awareness of such healthy food and its benefits, but all of that has changed now.” She adds. We’ll admit that the first time Jeemol offered us some Buckwheat Brownies we had our apprehensions about its taste and flavour, but as soon as she opened up the lid to the glass jar containing the brownie we knew we’d be hooked- the smell of Belgian chocolate was just intoxicating.

Jeemol initially began baking at her home in Kochi and held small workshops on organic baking following which we managed to get her hands on an open space that belonged to her family where she started her baking studio and held workshops, today she finally followed her dream and opened up her first small, yet cozy little outlet in SA Road. Her baking has really changed the way we look at healthy food.

What we recommend: The BROWNIES!!! The Buckwheat brownies are absolutely amazing (though their name might suggest otherwise) and the Focaccia bread. Also her chicken puffs (made with wheat flour instead of maida) We could go on forever…we love everything!

Pricing: The brownies are Rs.80 and her breads range at around Rs.150 per loaf, but the warm ambience and good vibes are totally free.

Where to find it: on SA Road opposite Reliance Trends (next to Radisson Blu)

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