Exploring Kochi with Rs 100- #RoamAroundFriday

Exploring Kochi with Rs 100- #RoamAroundFriday

  • 04 Nov 2017
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WKochi takes up a challenge to find out how much you can do with just Rs 100 and the places you can travel

When you travel, you explore and learn new things, you make memories. But most of us rethink our travel and exploration dreams due to financial issues. Well, we have taken up that issue and we are trying to explore and travel around Kochi with just Rs 100. Here is how the day went trying to minimise the expense and explore Kochi to the maximum.

Before the journey starts, here are some tips you need to keep in mind before you set out for this trip.

Always carry less weight in your bag
Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you ( it can reduce your expense )
Always carry an umbrella or a cap ( Umbrella is better so that it a help you in both hot and rainy situations)
Make sure you wear your best comfortable footwear because you will be covering a lot of ground on foot
You can always get a water refill at hotels 
Carry a mosquito repellent cream or sticker ( some places are filled with mosquitoes )
Have the heart to enjoy and the soul to never give up your journey along the way
Carry change for Rs 100 in notes and try not to carry many coins 
Getting a lift is also an easy and fast way to reach your destination without any expense 

The first step to a great journey is to pack your things the previous day so that you won't be in a hurry and miss out anything for your journey. Make sure you have a rich breakfast so that you don't go hungry as soon as you start your journey.

The journey begins

Location 1: Pachalam 
Cash in hand: Rs 100

I started my journey from home by 9.30am. I have my camera, an umbrella, a mosquito repellent cream and a bottle of water inside my bag. Just like always, I started my journey with a prayer and walked to the bus stop ( ten minute walk). I got into a bus and took a ticket of Rs 7 to High Court Junction, my first destination.

Cash in hand: Rs 93

Location 2: Ernakulam, Old Railway Station road  via High Court

After getting off from the bus at the High Court junction bus stop, I walked my way to the Old Railway Station road. On the way, I also had the chance to enter the High Court, but did not spend much time and could not take any photographs due to security issues. As I reached the Old Railway station road from walking under the hot sun, I was able to feel a sudden change in the temperature. The trees that surround the road gave the entire area a cool breeze and atmosphere. The Old Railway Station road is one of the oldest buildings in Ernakulam. It was the first station in Kochi but now it's just an abandoned area, where the only frequent visitors are wedding photographers and the couples.

Highlights: The cool breeze and the visual ambience of the entire area looks like a forest.
It is one of the most preferred spots by photographers, due to the old rusty buildings and huge trees

Tips: Make sure you wear the mosquito repellent because the entire area is filled with mosquitoes and you don’t want to get sick

Cash in hand: Rs 93

Location 3: Mangalavanam

After spending some quality time exploring the roads inside the Old Railway Station, I walked my way to Kochi’s own bird sanctuary ‘Mangalavanam’. It is near the Old Railway Station and is only a 10-15 minutes walk away. The roads, surrounded by trees on both sides will make your walk shorter and enjoyable. There is no entry fee to the bird sanctuary and you can always have a talk with the authorities regarding the types of birds and the inhabitants at  Mangalavanam. The tree house built at Mangalavanam is the perfect break spot for you if you are tired and want to click some good pictures.

Cash in hand: Rs 93

Location 4: Boat Jetty 

After enjoying a good rest at the top of the tree house at Mangalavanam, I started my journey again and this time I had two things on my mind, to reach the Ernakulam boat jetty and to have some lunch. I got onto a bus and I reached the Ernakulam boat jetty within ten minutes. As I was searching for a place to get some lunch, I came to see a signboard that said “Kanji ready”. I went into that small shop and asked how much the kanji will cost me and what curry will I get along with the Kanji. The lady at the shop told me it would cost me Rs 30 and they had Tapioca, pickle, and a pappad to go with it. After having my lunch, I started off to the boat jetty to get my ferry tickets to go to Fort Kochi.

Expense: Rs 7  (Bus Ticket)
                  Rs 30 (Lunch)

Tips: You can always get a water refill from the hotels

Cash in hand: Rs 56

Location 5: Fort Kochi 

The boat journey which started from Ernakulam reached Fort Kochi in 10-15 minutes. The view was great and the journey was joyous and peaceful. Taking a ferry ride is the way to get around Kochi it seems, as the expense is less and you can get to Fort Kochi in just a few minutes. The ferry ride, which is opted by most of the Kochiites is also the mode of transport which is opted by foreigners who visit Kochi. It is also the place, where a random stranger becomes a friend and gives us advice on the places we need to see.


Expense: Rs 4 ( Boat ticket)

Cash in hand: Rs 52

Tips: Try to give the exact change for the ticket because you don’t want to make others wait as the ticket collector gives you a balance of numerous coins. Also, make sure you don’t get too excited when you are travelling inside the boat and click some pictures risking your mobile phone or camera falling into the water.

Location 6: Fort Kochi beachside

Fort Kochi is truly an antique piece. The buildings and their structures will give you a feeling of travelling back in time.   As I walked towards the Fort Kochi beach, which is about a 10-20 minute walk from the Fort Kochi boat jetty, I was able to see some posters that said “Get cycles for rent”  and it seemed a like a great idea for people who like to explore Fort Kochi without spending a huge amount as the travel expense. I decided not take the cycles and walked my way to the beachside. It was about 2.45pm when I reached near Burger Street. I sat down near the stone bench which is kept outside the Kashi Art Cafe for a quick rest. After a few minutes, I headed to the beach. The area is filled with street shops and more. I saw a man going with a huge fishing net in his hand into the sea and I stayed there to see whether I had some luck to get some clicks of him throwing the net into the water and whether he was lucky to get some fish. Well, it seemed both of us were lucky as I got a picture of him throwing the net and he got some big Yellowfin trevally (vatta). 


Tips: You can always opt for a cycling journey around Fort Kochi or you can just walk around. The right time to see and to catch some fish seems to be between 2 pm and 4.30pm. You might not get to see or catch fish on your first attempt, but patience is key. 

Highlights: The street vendors and sometimes you will also get to witness some street performances and kite flying.

Expense: Re 0
Cash in hand: Rs 52


Location 7: Vypin 

After spending some quality fun time fishing and wandering about the streets in Fort Kochi clicking pictures, I thought I would head to Vypin to have an evening walk on the long walkway that leads to the Vypin Beach. I took the Jankar boat from Fort Kochi to Vypin. It is the easiest way to reach Vypin from Fort Kochi in just ten minutes with just Rs 3 as your travel expense. After reaching Vypin, I thought I would have a tea break and after having my hot glass of tea and neyappam, I went for my long evening walk.

Tip: Always ask the rates before you take the food items from the shelf as the rates may be different in every shop. . The place gets filled with mosquitoes by 6pm, so make sure you try to end your long walk or better get prepared by applying mosquito repellent.

Expense: Rs 3 (Jankar)
                 Rs 15 (Tea and Neyyappam)

Cash in hand: Rs 34

Location 8: Queen’s Way, Pachalam

After having my long evening walk along the beach side, I decided it was time to head back home. But before I do that, I thought about ending the day by witnessing a great sunset from the Queen's Way with some peanuts to accompany me. I took the bus from Vypin and  reached the Queen’s Way by 5.45pm. The sun was already down when I reached, but the rays from the sun, which got reflected from the clouds gave some pretty colours to the entire area. I sat there enjoying the beautiful colours with some peanuts and listening to the music from the radio boxes installed at the Queen’s Way. Some of my favourite tracks were playing and it was the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Tips: You can always the ask bus conductor to let you get off near the Queen’s Way, but make sure you don’t risk your life doing it.  Don’t sit on a bench under a tree, because you don’t want to have any obstructions to the beautiful view. If you are alone, try to share a bench with a random stranger and try to start a friendly conversation, because who knows, you might inspire her/him to do the same or they might be able to give you some valuable tips. 

Highlights: A beautiful sunset with some fresh roasted peanuts and some beautiful tracks playing in the background. 

Expense: Rs 7 (Bus Ticket)
                 Rs 10 ( Roasted Peanuts)

Cash in hand: Rs 17

If you can spend an entire day exploring a few parts of Kochi with just Rs 83, guess what you can do if you have more to spare. So what are you waiting for, pack up your bags and go explore Kochi. You can also share with us your ideas or you can do something like this and share it with us.

Text and Images: Nikhil Wilson

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