FEFKA to compete with WCC

FEFKA to compete with WCC

  • 05 Feb 2018
  • Silpa Rajan
  • Features

FEFKA formed a new association for women in film. Dubbing artist Bhagya Lakshmi heading the new organisation.

A new association for women has formed under Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA), following  Women in Cinema Collective (WCC). The new organisation headed by dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi, aims to involve all women working in Malayalam film industry, including the technicians, makeup artists and helpers.

FEFKA oraganised their first meeting at Kochi on Saturday, in which  Sibi Malayil, the president of FEFKA and B Unnikrishnan, the secretary, took part. FEFKA is an organisation consisting of all men and women related with Mollywood. The new wing formed for women, comprises M R Jayageetha of writers union, Malu S Lal of directors union, Siji Thomason Nobel (costume), Anjana (dancers union), Maneesha(makeup), Sumangala (dubbing) and Uma Kumarapuram (cinematography).

FEFKA's new organisation focuses on the discrimination faced by women working in both technical and creative crew. The exigencies for equal wages, checking gender discrimination and sexual abuse has led to the formation of this organisation.

WCC was formed previous year, apropos the abduction and assault of a prominent actress, but many were against the association. However, it is alleged that the new association was formed because WCC was an organisation by and for the elite group of women in the industry. Beena Paul, Rima Kallingal, Geethu Mohandas, Manju Warrier, Parvathy, Anjali Menon, Vidhu Vincent, etc were the founders of WCC.



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