Fill your tummies with dishes from the  Punjabi Food Festival  at Holiday Inn

Fill your tummies with dishes from the Punjabi Food Festival at Holiday Inn

  • 05 Aug 2017
  • Nikhil
  • Features

Punjabi food festival from 4 August to 6 August by Holiday Inn Cochin

As I drove my bike to the Parking area, my eyes were not quite fixed on the freeway but to my right side, where I could see a big restaurant with big chandeliers and an open kitchen. I walked into the big lounge of Holiday Inn Cochin and I was welcomed by their staff and they lead me straight to the restaurant where the Punjabi food festival was happening.The yellow ambiance, live band on stage and the Punjabi delicacies, everything you expect from Holiday Inn Cochin. 

I asked for the chief chef and I asked their permission to take photographs of the varieties of food that were presented, which showcased the skill sets of the chiefs who worked behind each dish. As I was taking photographs, Mr. Vimal Venugopal, the head of the Masala restaurant of Holiday Inn Cochin came to me with a big smile on his face. We had a talk about the dishes and when asked what is the major element that makes Punjabi delicacies great or unique, he commented, 

( Mr.Vima Venugopal)

 “We Malayalee tend to use coconut milk for most our dishes, but the people of Punjab use butter instead of coconut milk. The cooking process is another factor”. 

The chefs have also included dishes from Italy and Hong Kong with the full course meal. The dessert table was filled with a variety of sugary and mouth watering treats. Mr. Vimal was kind enough to ask me to have a taste of the dishes they have prepared. I had a taste of the Punjabi biryani, the Hong Kong Beef and the Italian Napolitano ( a seafood special ). I wasn't able to cover or you can say have a taste of the entire course, but whatever I had my spoon and forks on, I loved every single bite of it. 

Image credits: Nikhil Wilson

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