Five Strong Motherly Roles In Indian Movies

Five Strong Motherly Roles In Indian Movies

  • 12 May 2017
  • Susmitha Suresh
  • Features

Our Mothers are strong, reliable and amazing people. Check out this neat list of Bold & Strong Motherly Characters in Movies!

Movies are always striking. Most movies express the feelings of a particular character and make it lucrative by adopting various techniques. Most movies will at least one or more motherly characters. But there are some exceptionally bold moms who took their motherhood to a higher level. 

Wkochi compiled a list of strong women characters in Indian Movies, that deserve a special mention. 

Dr. Divya in “Paa”

She is a gynecologist and a  powerful single mom who brought up her child, who is born out of the wedlock. His father abdicates him for the sake of his political career. She sacrificed her life for her only son who suffers from Progeria and also as a bold career woman. The talented actress Vidya Balan played the role of Dr. Divya on-screen amazingly.

IG Geetha Prabhakar in “Drishyam”

She is a miserable mother who investigates the murder case of her son Varun Prabhakar who was murdered accidentally by another mother when he tries to harass her daughter physically. She painfully discovers the fact that she fails to be a responsible mother and that resulted in the death of her son. The skilled actress Asha Sarath played the role of IG Geetha Prabhakar on-screen and made it wonderful.

Shashi Godbole in “English Vinglish”

She is a housewife who makes ladoos as business and works hard for the well-being of her family. Her husband and children mock her for not being in English, which made her feel disappointed. Later, she enrolls in an English Speaking Course and gained Self-respect through the process. The role was played effectively by the renowned actress Sridevi on-screen.

Queen Mother Sivakami Devi in “Baahubali”

She rules the kingdom as well as plays the role of a mother. She cuts people down by holding the newborn king in her arms. She is a bold mother who brought up the two kings and trained them to be strong. The role was played by the talented actress Remya Krishna.

Single Mother in “Minnaminungu”

She is a single mother in Kerala. The role was played by the National Award Winner(for the same movie) Surabhi Lakshmi. It was one of the best characters of her career. The film is yet to be released.

Text by: Aneeta Maria Johnson Photos: Various Sources

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