Frozen Fun

Frozen Fun

  • 26 May 2015
  • Features
Do you remember Princess Anna gliding through the ice and snow and just having a great time with Olaf in the Oscar-winning movie Frozen? Such fantasies for us tropical dwellers may have seemed beyond reach. Not anymore, as you can skate away without fear of any blizzards at Sparky’s, Lulu Mall. Sparky’s had been really buzzing this summer and will continue to be through the next season. Here are five reasons that will make you put on your skates and hit the rink.

1. The monsoon will hit the city soon, and this is even more excuse for your playtime to move indoors. Stay out of the cold, but stay cool at the ice rink.

2. Make friends and have a good time. Skating is a great way to meet people and laugh over a few tumbles and falls. It’s a fun activity for the whole family as you can learn something new together and help each other out. You will definitely have some great memories to take back home.

3. If the gym is too boring for you, then you should hit the ice rink. Skating is great to tone your legs. There are a lot of moves that you have to do to balance, break, turn, stay still and glide through the ice. It is a great cardio workout and doesn't put stress your joints. Step up your balance and coordination with skating.

4. Sparky’s ice rink is the only one in Kerala. Be a part of something exciting and different. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to skate, because Sparky’s has dedicated people to teach you and also offer classes. 

5. If we haven't mentioned this already, ice skating is so much fun! Lace up your skates, tighten your helmets and just hit the rink to have an amazing time. Once you get a hang of it, there is no going back. Glide, slide, flip and turn on frozen water. It is a great activity and enjoy it throughout the year at Sparky’s.

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