Gift a Happy Children’s Day to Your Special One

Gift a Happy Children’s Day to Your Special One

  • 14 Nov 2017
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Being a special needs child no longer means being left out of usual activities. This Children’s Day, here is a list of activities that your special little one can try out

Children’s Day is that exclusive day when we celebrate those snuggly, mischievous little people who sometimes drive us mad with their antics, yet completely steal our hearts nevertheless.  This November 14th, let’s pause for a moment and think of some children who might not be able to enjoy as much as others due to certain limitations that require some special attention on our part. Though children with special needs require the extra bit of care and attention; that does not mean that they have to miss out on all the fun. This Children’s Day, here is a list of some activities that are enjoyable and beneficial to children with special needs.

Outdoor playtime

No child, whether in need of special attention or not, likes to be cooped up in a house all the time. It is immensely helpful for a special needs child to play in the sun and the grass, with adult supervision, of course. Be it running through a playground or playing a quiet game under the cool shade of a tree, playing outdoors helps children develop their motor and balance skills, and helps them cope with their issues.

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Yoga is a great activity for children with special needs, as it soothes their impulses and helps them to get to know the way their body moves. Although yoga is mainly practised by adults, it is hugely beneficial to children as it teaches them to regulate their physical and emotional movements. So do some research on yoga poses, grab a mat, and start stretching with your kid. 

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Not everyone looks at the world the same way, and what better activity than photography to remind a special needs child that being different is good? Photography helps children with special needs to focus, as their view is narrowed down through the lens of the camera. Photography relaxes them and encourages them to explore their creativity by experimenting with light, colours, and camera angles. Physically handling the camera enhances their coordination skills too. 

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Sensory book or texture book

Sensory experiences such as running a hand through dried rice or holding a hand under flowing water often calms an anxious child. Exploring different sensory experiences such as this enables a special needs child to regulate motor skills such as holding, squeezing, and pinching. The way different textures feel will most often elicit verbal responses from the child, making for meaningful conversation. Get hold of an old book and turn it into a texture book by covering different pages with things of different texture, such as clumps of cotton, smattering of beans, etc.

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Playing and listening to music instils a sense of motion and rhythm for children. Listening to music while doing daily activities would not only make the time less boring, it would also help children with special needs to self-sooth and relax, and help them get in tune with the world around them. Music helps them express themselves and encourages them to sway to the beat, refining their balance and motor skills.

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Shredded paper art

Shredding coloured paper with fingers and using the shreds to create new pictures is an as enjoyable activity, as it is a learning experience. It encourages special needs children to cope with anxiety and excess energy, and it encourages them to explore their artistic side by combining shapes and colours to form images. 

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