This Half a Century Old Shop is Your Answer to Custom Bridal/Party Shoes in Kochi

This Half a Century Old Shop is Your Answer to Custom Bridal/Party Shoes in Kochi

  • 30 Jun 2016
  • Fathima AbdulKader
  • Features

It’s quite rare when you come across a shoe shop that can boast of 50 years of being  in existence; it is even more rare when you have a friend who did her bridal shoe shopping as the same store as her mother in law did. GOLDWIN with outlets at both Convent junction and Chittoor Road can lay claim to both of these. 

GOLDWIN was started by AJ Jose (Goldwin Jose) in 1960 at Chittoor Road and since then the shop has had a successful run. The founder’s son Michael Jose went to FDDI (Footwear Development and Design Institue) Delhi and acquired a degree in Footwear Technology. The in-house brand “SHADOW KOCHI” is an initiative by Michael Jose and the brand is focused on creating bridal and party wear shoes to match the customer’s whims.




Although the appearance is deceivingly like a run of the mill store, a short conversation with them has proven that they are anything but ordinary. They make sure to be up to date with all the trends when it comes to shoes and help customers create exclusive products. They can incoporate materials, embellishments and designs with you according to your needs. And for those with tiny feet who have to shop in the kids section, GOLDWIN can definitely look into your needs. The best part ofcourse, is that they are extremely easy on the pocket. They only charge you a fraction of the price that a lot of renowned Indian custom shoemaking brands charge with their custom bridal range starting at Rs.1500. They also stock casual wear that range from 350-490 and other party wear at prices less than INR 1000. Another exciting aspect that sets them apart is that they also do free services for shoes after sale. 


Custom Magic

They do shoes that incorporate the fabrics you provide to match your outfits. So if you provide the same material from your blouse, they will put it on your choice of shoes to wear with the outfit. In the above picture, the pink shoes were made to match the border of the bride’s outfit and everything from the shade of the heel to the shoe’s shape was decided by the bride. They have workers in Mumbai who will do embellishments of your choice that can be designed by Michael Jose to suit your needs. 

They also do works that incorporate all types of heels be it wedges, kitten, stilettos or platforms. They also do out of the ordinary heel shapes with interesting details.


Engaged in Embellishment

GOLDWIN has shoes that has a wide range of embellishments including shell, mirror work and handworks with pearl inlay. They pick up most of their shoes from Mumbai and hence their shoes are priced at a fraction of what similar embellished shoes cost at other stores. 

Threads Ahead

Whether you are in the mood for silks threads, zardozi or crochet, GOLDWIN has all of them in stock.You also have the option to ask specific thread work to be used to make the right shoe for you.

Location: GOLDWIN, Convent Road, Kochi, 0484 405 0554
                GOLDWIN Chittoor Rd, Ernakulam South, Ernakulam 0484 237 6071

Refer this map to get to GOLDWIN at Convent Road 

Words: Fathima Abdul Kader

Images: Aghil Menon


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