Here’s why Kochi is the place to be

Here’s why Kochi is the place to be

  • 10 Nov 2017
  • Nikhil
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This weekend Wkochi takes you on a tour to experience Kochi 

Every journey is a new chapter and you learn a new thing or two from it. Kochi has always been an emotion for Kochittes and here are some reasons why we are in love with this place.

The view is great

This city is alive whether the sun is out or not. From Ernakulam to Vypin to Cherai then fortkochi, there are many places are where you can spend an entire day shopping, traveling, exploring and enjoying the scenic beauty of this city.

History always has a special place in Kochi 

From Dutch symmetry at FortKochi to the Old Railway station at Ernakulam, Kochi is a place where you can go on a journey and will hear beautiful stories and memories to take back home.

Spend Rs 4 for an amazing boat ride around kochi (easy on pocket guys!)

Kochi is known for its lush green and blue water bodies that surround the city. The boat rides are a great travel option and also a lot of fun oh and did we forget to mention the view.


If you are a foodie Kochi is your buffet table. From local thattu kadas and toddy shop to cafes and premium hotels, this city has it all. Porotta and Beef are can’t do without for a mallu, Also kappa and meen curry ( tapioca and fish curry) is a must try for all the foodies out there. 

 Street Shopping

You can find some of the best-handcrafted jewelry, bags and other accessories on the streets of Fortkochi. There is a shopping corner near the St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam called Convent junction where you can find everything you need from head to toe.

Kochi is the mobile hub

Penta Menaka was the first mall in Kochi, its shopping complex for all the techies, This place is filled with mobile and electronic shops. You can sell your old phones for a good price or get it exchanged for another one. 

If you learn  how to survive on the roads at Kochi, you can survive anywhere

Kochi is one of the busiest places in Kerala and the traffic is bizarre most of the times. Even though there are many accidents take place in Kochi, there will be a someone to help them out. If you have learned how to survive on the roads at Kochi, you will know how to survive on the roads. 

Kochi is adventurous 

If you are a fan of games and adventure sports, Kochi can give you an adrenaline rush, with options of arcade games, wall climbing, go-karting, scuba diving, and much more Kochi has some pretty cool stuff for you to get yourself pumped up.

Kochi celebrates

Kochittes love celebrating festivals regardless of religion or caste. Some of our best childhood memories come from getting invited to your friend's place to eat biriyani for Eid, eat rum Cakes and drink wine for Christmas and eat a sumptuous sadhya(more payasam)  for Onam. 

Kochi is the sunset spot 

There are many locations in Kochi where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. Enjoying the sunset from the top of the lighthouse at Vypin or you can just sit on the benches at the Queen’s Way at pachalam and enjoy the sunset with a glass of tea or coffee or ice cream or bajis with songs playing in the background. 

For anyone who is reading this and not in Kochi, Its time to make that trip you were planning.

Text credits : Nikhil Wilson       Image Credits: Anand A N & Nikhil Wilson

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