Holistic Healing with Rohini Oberoi

Holistic Healing with Rohini Oberoi

  • 31 Mar 2015
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Change is the only constant. Rohini Oberoi has embracedchange for the good and is now in Kochi to spread the word.

We hear these stories often. A routine job, the demandsof a hectic urban lifestyle,  piling workand cherished vacations and then fatigue and illness that brings you to a halt.Some get back on the bus again and then there are some that realize a change ofdirection is what they need. Rohini Oberoi was working as an interior architectin America when she became yet another victim to the daily grind.  Deciding not to pick up where she left off,Rohini decided to venture out and seek answers that modern medicine could notgive her. Her travels have brought her to Kerala, where she found what she waslooking for.

Yogawas her answer. Rohini started yoga practice in 2011 when she moved back toIndia, to combat stress and a severe illness. After experiencing the benefitsof the practice, she decided to further her path in yoga at the SivanandaYoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram to deepen her practice and learn.  “The way yoga changed my life isindescribable, because of the practice I am dedicated to empowering people toheal their physical, mental and spiritual lives through the paths of Yoga,meditation and Ayurveda. When we lead our lives with awareness andpositivity, we not only change ourselves, but change the world we live in” saysRohini.  She chose to be in Kochi,because it was a city with a progressive outlook, to continue her journey withYoga and helping others.

Rohiniwas introduced to Yoga at a very young age, but her practice was sporadic atbest. Since her father was with the United Nations, Rohini traveled extensivelyand was exposed to various cultures and sensitivities. Her mother always had aholistic approach to healing and Rohini was surprised when modern medicinecontinued to address her illness and not her lifestyle. Working in America,Rohini found that yoga was mostly a gimmick aimed at having a great figure andlosing weight. “Our body is constantly striving for balance. We get only thisbody to live in. Ours is an aging population with alert minds and unhealthybodies.” continues Rohini.  “Yoga is aphilosophy, a way of life. It gave me lasting answers to my problems. If I wasable to do that, then I could help others find answers too.”

Rohinihas seen miracles. Diseases and disabilities, cured with a positive lifestyle. Traditionalpractices keep people healthy and grounded. Through her venture Kaivalya YogaStudios, she brings together meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda practice.  According to her, all cure starts with awareness.Every crick and ache we feel, is the way our body tries to talk to us. Weshould listen, explore and address these issues. Rohini joined Hello Docbecause they understood her passion and was a center for all the sciences (oldand new) to come together in healing.  Rohini believes that we are all capable ofchange and healing ourselves.

JoinRohini Oberoi at Hello Doc, Panampilly Nagar for beginners to advanced classes in Sivananda Yoga.

Text: Maria John
Photos: Jayesh Mohan

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