How This Kochi Based Clinic Helps People Look And Be Healthy

How This Kochi Based Clinic Helps People Look And Be Healthy

  • 12 May 2017
  • Susmitha Suresh
  • Features

Chungath Clinic offers non-surgical procedures to customers to help them fight obesity and follow an enriching and healthy lifestyle

Kochi with its fast paced life and office going crowd can be a dream come true for foodies as well. Like we said in a previous article that listed out Seven Must Visit Food Joints In Fort Kochi, we’re never short of food joints here. But that coupled with our sedentary lifestyle can leave us looking unhealthy and obese. 

Hectic job schedules make it hard for people to maintain a regular fitness regime and follow a healthy diet. Instead, they seek out alternative and nontraditional ways to get back into shape, to look fit as a fiddle! WKochi got in touch with one such Clinic that offers non-surgical procedures to customers to help fight obesity. 

But first, let’s see why? In a world that promotes body-positivity, why do people still try to attain that perfect body? We have to understand that it’s not about that, it’s about health, it’s about confidence, it’s about feeling good about yourself. Which is exactly what Chungath Clinic aims at. 

They try to redefine beauty and help build confidence in people who constantly worry about their weight and appearance using procedures that are both reliable and reassuring. Situated in Eroor, Kochi, the clinic performs different non-surgical technologies like a variety of fat reduction treatments that includes cellulite reduction, body contouring, skin tightening and stretch mark reduction procedures to help people fight obesity and follow an enriching and healthy lifestyle. 

“We offer our patrons non-surgical technologies that help combat stubborn fat areas and cellulite. The methods we incorporate include cryo, laser, radiofrequency and cavitation which are all US FDA- approved. All machines used are imported as well.” explains Dr. Manoj Chungath, MD Chungath Clinic. 

Last year, they ventured into non-invasive cosmetic practice as well to become the first center in India with all of Venus Concept's latest devices and probes including Venus Legacy, Venus Versa and Venus Viva treatments. The treatments are carried out by trained nurses under the doctor. 

He ensured that the center provides excellent treatment supported by modern state-of-the-art equipment of international standards by experienced staff members. “The treatments here are cost-effective when compared with other clinics.”

“Anyone above 18 years can undergo these treatments, except people who are suffering from serious ailments” advises Dr. Manoj. The slimming treatment is not time-consuming and is often completed in three to four settings after ruling out medical conditions. The patients are guided through procedures for aesthetic improvement every month. “We only advise those people who are ready to follow a proper diet and exercise regime to undertake slimming procedures” added Dr. Manoj.

If you ever feel the need to be healthy again, feel free to drop by the Chungath Clinic. With individualized care and uncompromising professionalism, Chungath Clinic aims to offer satisfactory results that help boost both appearance and self-esteem. 

Text: FWD Media     Photos: Various Sources

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