Is your apartment secure? 7 ways to protect your home from burglars!

Is your apartment secure? 7 ways to protect your home from burglars!

  • 18 Dec 2017
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The recent robberies have shook Kochiites. We tell you what to do to stay safe this holiday time!

Kochi is tensed over the serial robbery which took place days ago. A 15-member gang broke into a house at SMP Road at Tripunithura, attacked its inmates and decamped with 50 sovereigns of gold and Rs 20,000 in cash, four mobile phones and ATM and credit cards.   The houseowner was attacked with an iron rod, suffered head injuries and was admitted to a private hospital. 

Are you scared of being burgled?

Urban living comes with higher potential hazards to residents. Being robbed is a terrible feeling – an invasion of your privacy and space and sense of security.As apartments your security concerns are really unique. Because you’re living very close to others, as well as there is huge footfalls in your apartment that has a higher risk of burglary.

There are several steps you can take to deter criminals from burglarizing your home.

Here’s how!


Implement detection methods


Fit a burglar alarm that cannot be detected by robbers. They are a valuable deterrent. When you go to bed at night you can activate the zones that you don't sleep in, meaning the ground floor of your home can be alarmed while you sleep soundly upstairs.Fitting exterior motion sensor lights and detection beams also let the homeowners to remain alert to any activity and movement in the house.

It is also a good idea to have a camera installed at the front gate so that any visitors can be clearly viewed from the safety of the home. 


Purchase items that can be used as weapons. 


While you should avoid clash with an intruder if at all possible, you may be in a situation where you have to defend yourself. Baseball bats and golf clubs work well, as well as anything sharp. In case of emergency, any household item can be used as a weapon. You might have easy access to a broom, lamp, or telephone.


Keep pepper spray in your house


 Pepper spray is an effective defense weapon because it doesn't require physical strength or skill. It is cheap and available at many stores and online. It quickly disables burglars and gives you time to call the police. (Girls, it’s very useful for you too!)

If a burglar is in your home and you don't own pepper spray or don't have access to it, perfume or an acidic juice can be used as mace.


Lock Your Doors and Windows


This is so, so simple, but I’m sure many of us have neglected to do this at times. Make sure your doors and windows are always locked. Lock up every time you go out, obviously, but also keep the doors locked when you’re home – and especially at night. Don’t forget to secure side doors and garage doors as well.


Make sure you have an emergency number to call


Emergencies can arise any time and you should have the contact list saved on your phones or have it by-heart. Try calling the authorities or someone in-charge or a security if you feel that you are unsafe. Get contacts of the committee members if you stay in an apartment.


Find an alternative to store your valuables


Try keeping only essentials at your home and store your valuables in lockers at bank. Hiding valuables, like jewellery and cash in obvious places at your home is a recipe for disaster.


Having a dog helps


Dogs act as a great deterrent.

Criminals look for easy targets—a home that provides a simplistic and undetectable entrance and exit. A dog can be the first line of defense by making your home undesirable.

A “beware of dog” yard sign, coupled with your dog’s stress bark, can be the winning formula to stop criminals in their tracks.

To keep unwanted intruders out of your home, you don't have to spend too much. Think like a burglar and take all possible steps to prevent break-ins.

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