JOBOY uncomplicates your life, 24/7

JOBOY uncomplicates your life, 24/7

  • 24 Oct 2017
  • Sunaya
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The new JOBOY mobile app offers its customers on-demand services from electricians and plumbers to midnight surprise cake deliveries

Kochiites are in for a relief from their daily drudgery of running errands or finding a trained expert for home repairs. JOBOY is a mobile application where you can get many services delivered at your doorstep, at the time you choose. From midnight surprise birthday cakes to emergency electrician services, JOBOY is the app you need to help you at any time of the day.

Jees V Kariyil, co-founder of JOBOY says, “The idea of JOBOY came to us from our own experience - of the difficulty of finding home-related services. First of all, you need to find someone with the required skill you are looking for, wait for their availability, and then pay the price they ask. And in most cases, you may end up with a repeated issue. From our research, we found out that most people in urban areas faced such issues and they all want an easy solution. We started with basic home services such as electrician, plumber, AC repairs, etc., and included services like laundry, cake delivery to online shopping as we progressed. What made uber and other such services so successful is that they come to the customer's location and that is the same concept we follow. We deliver the aid at the customer's location, at the time they choose, with transparent pricing, while ensuring safety of the customer”

What makes JOBOY a great app is the availability of workers 24/7. These workers, or 'partners' as Jees calls them, are selected after various rounds of background verification processes, such as police verification, work history verification, and much more. Then they go through an induction process on customer service and sign a clear contract including service delivery agreements. JOBOY even provides a warranty of up to 60 days on services, so customers are assured they are getting the right technician for their work.

JOBOY currently provides more than 75 services in Kochi, and also has an online store providing local shopping. You can shop for cakes, flowers, home-made pickles and squashes, and apparels and accessories from famous local brands. The app is simple to use, stores your data so that you don't have to type in your address every time you need a service, at the same time customer data security is ensured through certified data protection processes. The main highlight of the JOBOY app is that you can schedule the required services according to your convenience, and the rates for the services are lower than what is generally charged for these services, without any extra delivery charges.

Text: FWD Media    Image: JOBOY

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