Kalinga, The Kingdom Where Music Lives

Kalinga, The Kingdom Where Music Lives

  • 19 Jul 2017
  • Sunaya
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A complete package to the crowd with music for all seasons

Your FB bio says you can entertain anyone, from a 16 yr old to a 60 yr old. What makes you say so?

Yes true we can definitely entertain 16 to 60 year old..because we have every kind of song lists with us which can entertain all sorts of people ..probably the only band in  India to have these kind of variety list of songs.

Why have you not just stuck to making Malayalam music? Is there a secret to being multilingual?

We do perform Malayalam songs as well ..well, we have released an album in Malayalam long time back called 'yaheere" ( please find the you link of our Malayalam song..we always believe that we are a versatile music band..Music is universal & also if we can play songs in different languages we get more appreciation & our profile will be accepted internationally...We are the only music band in India who performs in   English, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi songs now..we are planning to learn more regional songs.

How does it feel while performing live in front of an audience?

Yes we feel great and a band like us always make the crowd enjoy the max..we entertain the crowd, specials, guys, girls, kids & make them dance, make them sing along with us.We perform for the crowd.That's the success of Kalinga band.

Is there a history behind a ‘Kingdom Where music Lives & also Music for all Seasons’?

The word Kalinga means like everybody knows  Its about the War of Kalinga which was fought by King Asoka & Moyra the ruler of the state of Kalinga. The battle was won by Ashoka but after that he changed in to a different human being.. We also believe in the kingdom of Kalinga...and we call ourselves  'Kalinga band  Kingdom where music lives" & we believe in peace happiness ..So with music we are doing all these things..we can see our crowd dancing, singing with us, requesting to play their favourite songs.That's what we love to see....which gives us more satisfaction and happiness..and we call kalinga band a complete package to the crowd with music for all seasons.

Today we are also happy to announce that we are in to our 16th year of musical journey...A journey of ups & downs..but we still go on & on because we believe that There is Music in our Blood which can't be removed or seperated!

Text: Devika V Menon    Images: Various sources

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