'Second Decoction' by Karthik Kumar is not just a middle class thing

'Second Decoction' by Karthik Kumar is not just a middle class thing

  • 09 Aug 2017
  • Nikhil
  • Features

The second comedy special of Karthik Kumar’s ‘Second Decoction’ came to an end with his final show the special at JTPAC on 6 August.

Text Credits: Nikhil Wilson         Image Credits:  FWD Media

The shows or events at JTPAC are quite unique and has a style of its own. What I have found interesting and surprising about them is that they seem to start their scheduled events right on time.  Mr.Vinay Menon, the opening act for Karthik Kumar, made the audience laugh a lot after he apologized to the people who came late for the show and was searching their seats in the dark by saying
“We are sorry we started on time. We will make sure we won’t repeat this again.”

Karthik Kumar came to the stage after the lights started signaling Mr.Vinay to welcome Karthik to the stage.Karthik Kumar, a chemical engineer, to an actor and now to one of the greatest stand-up comedians from India.  Karthik came up to the stage with a huge round of applause and cheers from the crowd. He started off his show with an interaction with the audience. His jokes mainly focussed the educational system, middle-class, caste, social media and every little thing that was relevant or happening in the society today.

Stand up comedy is no easy thing as it involves a direct interaction with the live audience. No performer would be able to know how the audience will react to their jokes and statements they make during their session. But, the audience at JTPAC seemed to be the perfect audience for the last show of Karthik Kumar’s act ‘Second Decoction’.

After the show, I saw a group of youngsters waiting by the green room to meet Karthik Kumar. When I talked to them, I came to know they are the students of Choice School and they said,      “ We had a great time. His jokes were great and it made us think the very next moment. We are waiting to talk to him and to take a photo along with him.”

Karthik Kumar said he will be back with his new comedy special ‘ Blood Chutney’  and he commented that “ I am very happy that JTPAC gave me this opportunity to conclude my second comedy special ‘ Second Decoction’.

The Show concluded with a summary of all the main things he had said during the show by his own version of Pharrell Williams's -Happy. He named his version of the song,‘We Can’t Be Happy’ and the audience loved it and was seen happy when they left JTPAC.

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