Kerala Blasters inaugurates Kochi’s first ever Ginger Bread City

Kerala Blasters inaugurates Kochi’s first ever Ginger Bread City

  • 13 Dec 2017
  • Nikhil
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Kochi’s first ever Gingerbread City created by the chefs and engineering team at Kochi Marriott hotel was inaugurated by the Kerala Blasters on December 12

This December, Kochi Marriott took the Christmas spirit to whole new level after they launched Kochi’s first ever Ginger Bread City, which was created with five chefs and an engineering team working for 17 days. The Gingerbread City consists of 7,500 gingerbread tiles.  Marriott Hotel was filled with yellow jerseys as the Kerala Blasters were chief guests for the event.

The Gingerbread  City is made up of flour, ginger powder, blackjack, rye flour, and sugar. The Gingerbread City had installed some famous monuments from around the world like the Big Ben from London, the London Tower Clock, Arc de Triomphe of France and they also included the Kochi Metro. 

“We wanted to showcase a very different experience to our guests this festive season and our team has come up with a brilliant journey through different cities welcoming Christmas to the city of Kochi We even have the Kochi Metro standing tall amidst the wonderful piece,”

says Abhishek Rajagolkar, Multi-Property Director of Sales and Marketing, Kochi Marriott Hotel, and Courtyard Marriott Kochi Airport Hotel.

The event came to an end with the Kerala Blasters posing for a picture in front the Gingerbread City followed by high tea.

Text Credits : Nikhil Wilson     Image Credits : Vishnu Thilak

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