Kerala to experience Zumba Tour 2017 for the first time ever!

Kerala to experience Zumba Tour 2017 for the first time ever!

  • 05 Jul 2017
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Bringing together ZINs Shweta Pratap Singh, Sucheta Pal and ZES Maria Browning

Zumba Tour 2017 is the first-of-its-kind in Kerala. It is primarily an Aqua Zumba event where fitness encompassing the entire exercise routine is done in a swimming pool. This event is going to be led by Maria Browning flying in all the way from USA. Maria, a Zumba Education Specialist, is the creator of this format for Zumba ie of Aqua Zumba and also the International Presenter of Zumba. She would be teaming up with Sucheta pal, the lead ZES of India and Global Ambassador Zumba. A total of 160 plus participants from across Kerala including Zumba Fitness Instructors are going to be part of this programme. 
To try and motivate my clients, I educate them about the tremendous benefits of following Zumba wherein the basic modus operandi is exercising in a totally fun a party format with the entire routine designed around foot thumping music and the exercises being simple yet fun to follow for the entire spectrum of people ie across all age groups. I demonstrate to them how they can have a great time whilst exercising so that they keep coming back for more. It’s my work that would motivate them to join and thereafter continue with the classes.

My classes are always like a party, or I try to make it like one, and it’s quite easy because the Zumba format itself is such that one never gets bored in the entire class. The music is based on world rhythms following various forms of dance forms such as salsa, cumbia, reggaeton etc and also incorporates popular world music from all corners of the world apart from Latin music so that one and all get connected to it. I ensure I change my form of music on a daily basis. Also, as a ZIN, I get a large collection of Zumba Music on a monthly basis to help me choreograph my classes based on them. The official music also has pre- choreographed steps designed by Zumba's own specialists called Zumba Jammers. 

Apart from conducting my classes based on a scientifically researched fitness regime by Zumba, I also educate my clients about the ill effects of starving as that definitely is not a permanent and viable solution but just a short time "fix". It’s actually inadvisable to shed weight by starving and would lead to health complications instead of long term health benefits. Ensuring all round fitness and permanent loss of weight is a combination of "correct" diet coupled with the correct form of fitness. This is where Zumba programme comes in which has led to its being the lead fitness programme worldwide for over a decade now.
What makes Zumba better than other workouts is that Zumba primarily works on the principle of involving the participants and encouraging them to exercise without even realising that they are working out. This is achieved in the form of providing them a fitness programme based on popular and captivating music with easy to follow yet highly effective and invigorating exercise programme. That is where Zumba stands out as totally different form of fitness exercise. Most other programmes are based on monotonous regime designed on just one format of music.
When Maria Browning was asked about what Zumba meant to her, she said “Being able to help people to live a healthier life through using my Colombian roots and my talents was just perfect!
Being an aqua zumba instructor has allowed me to contribute back to the world and to have a strong sense of purpose.” Her favourite part of being an Aqua ZIN is “having the honor to train amazing professionals like Sucheta Pal , lead ZES in India, who become the best ambassadors for this program, and expand the brand all over a whole country like India. It never ceases to amaze me and to make me feel so grateful for having the opportunity to be their mentors.”
ZES Sucheta Pal discovered Zumba back in 2009 whilst in US and have never looked back since then. “My favorite aspect of Zumba fitness is that it's beyond a workout. It builds a strong community of people who end up supporting each other beyond just being mere participants in a class. Today we have Zumba classes from Jamnagar to Jammu and Coorg to Cochin and over 4000 licensed Zumba Instructors rocking India with Zumba. Having trained each one of them, the pride is immense. And this year, I have the pleasure of expanding my Zumba Education team in India with 10 new ZES in different regions,” she said. 

Text: Devika V Menon    Photos:Various sources  

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