Kochi as Seen Through the World Trending App PRISMA

Kochi as Seen Through the World Trending App PRISMA

  • 13 Jul 2016
  • Fathima AbdulKader
  • Features

Every nook and cranny of Kochi is a work of art, yet so much of the beauty goes unnoticed. But in all honesty, all you have to do is to learn to look for the beauty in the mundane. This is a city brimming with life and energy, growing at an unimaginably swift pace as if making up for lost time. It’s a city that strings together the vintage European appeal of Fort Kochi, the traditional rustic beauty of Mattanchery, the pops of green amidst the bustling city along Marine Drive, the manicured lawns and silent sophistication of Panampilly Nagar and the sleek industrial look of Kakkanad in its wake. I could go on and on.

But if you are having a hard time spotting the beauty of this city built on a foundation of music and art, let the new app on the block, Prisma help you out. Prisma is a unique app that has caught hold of generation Y’s need to take photos and merged it with the beauty of timeless artworks. Go on, take a peek at what Kochi looks like when caught on the Prisma camera. Share your Prisma captures by tagging us @wtzupkochi on Instagram or Facebook to get your Prisma images featured on Wtzupcity.com.
Check out these images from these true Kochiites of some of their favorite places in the city.



The Kochi equivalent of street shopping, Broadway is home to the cheapest deals and oldest shops in the city. Take a walk down this street and witness the explosions of colour and the listen to jingles of knick knacks being sold.

source: Aabha Muralidharan

Panampilly Nagar:

Panampilly Nagar is home to manicured lawns, the chicest boutiques, and hippest cafes in the city. It is also the best residential area in Kochi.

source: Abdul Manaf


Vallarpaadam Container Terminal:

The picturesque way into the city, Vallarpadam Container Terminal road is the best path to take for a calming drive and the photo ops are endless.

source: Aabha Muralidharan

Source: Aaren Thomas Nevilla


“Kacheri” means “court” and although it is a lesser known area in Kochi, it is going to be home to a metro station.

source: Abdul Manaf

Fort Kochi:

Fort Kochi is the old port city from where the city developed, yet it retains that old world charm, other than the pops of riveting graffiti. Fort Kochi also plays host  to the first Biennale in India every two years.

source: Aabha Muralidharan


Source: Aaren Thomas                                                        Source: JK                                                                             Source: Suneesh Suresh                                                   Source: Aaren Thomas                                


For a peek into rustic beauty and small lanes filled with lively folks, Mattanchery is the place to head to.

source:Atheena Wilson

Source: Suneesh Suresh


An area located on the periphery of Kochi city where it’s as green as it gets. Nettoor is also home to a really famous Kallu Shaap in the area.

source:Atheena Wilson


The perpetually busy location is home to Lulu Mall, one of the largest malls in India.

source:Atheena Wilson


Palarivattom plays host to those waiting to switch buses and take new roads.

source:Atheena Wilson

Source: Suneesh Suresh


How did Kochi appear on the techie map of India? Go to Kakkanad and find out!

Source: Kris Jon Paul


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