Kochi Falls Prey To Rock-aholism

Kochi Falls Prey To Rock-aholism

  • 05 May 2015
  • Features
By Joseph Mathew

May Day turned out to be one of Kochi’s unforgettable nights as some of the greatest names in Indian Rock music came together for “Kochi Rock On” at the Gokulam Convention Centre. The fund raiser organised by JT PAC was a comparatively small crowd for a concert, with just a couple hundred present in the audience. The show was scheduled to start at four thirty in the evening but most of the audience turned up well in advance, brimming with excitement since this was the first time that bands such as Avial and Motherjane were playing at the same arena in Kochi. Surprisingly, the crowd was a complete goulash of young and old, Malayalees and non-Malayalees. As the promised hour approached, the horde remained calm and patient for the doors to open and at precisely sixty minutes past four thirty, the show began.

The show was kicked off by Aathma, a Bangalore based band with a couple of its members hailing right here from Kochi. They set the mood for the evening with a few of their original compositions in Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada. The Indian funk music was just the right remedy to get the audience from a snooze onto their feet and ready for the next band. Though carnatic rock is not the easiest thing for most people to digest, Agam managed to shatter all preconceptions with a continuous barrage of mesmerizing, almost hypnotic tunes. The crowd was thrown into an instant frenzy and the Bangalore based band showed the value of experience by keeping the crowd in an ecstatic state right to the very end.

There could not have been a more perfect stage set-up for the return from hibernation of the old boys of Kochi, Moth

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