Kochi Metro comes to Radisson Blu.

Kochi Metro comes to Radisson Blu.

  • 28 Dec 2015
  • Amritha
  • Features
Radisson Blu has come up with the most innovative idea for a New Year party. The event titled ‘Kochi Metro’ portrays the journey of the metro train from Aluva to Radisson Blu. The train stops at the CUSAT station, Edapally and the International Stadium. At each station, there are entertaining programmes which include Thayambaka performance by Kalloor Ramankutty Marar, LED Dance, Salsa, a performance by a rock band, Zumba and Flamingo dance. The party features DJ Gino Jose and ‘Halo of Flies’ led by Sidi Mukundan. The setup also showcases metro stations from different parts of the world and the cuisine available at those places. The party, which begins at 8 pm is a tribute to the people of Kochi who had to sacrifice a lot for the most ambitious metro rail project.

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