Kochi’s Favourite Padma Theatre is Back with a Bang!

Kochi’s Favourite Padma Theatre is Back with a Bang!

  • 25 Nov 2017
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After a three week long renovation Padma was opened up to the public yesterday and it looks better than ever! 

In keeping up with the times and wanting nothing but the best for their patrons, the Padma Theatre – one of the oldest theatres in the state - has reopened with a very beautiful and luxurious facelift. 
Padma theatre is one of the oldest cinema halls in the state. It was built in 1946 and has been one of the most frequented and favourite theatres for cinema goers from across the city. After three weeks of renovation for the interiors of both its screens (screen 1 and screen 2) Padma looks better than most of the city’s multiplexes and even features a ‘Lounge’ section in Screen 1 with entire rows filled with sofas for additional comfort. We love the sound of that!

“We wanted to give patrons the best cinema viewing experience and therefore all efforts have been made to do so. The interiors of both the screens as well as the other amenities have been refurbished and upgraded. Apart from the seating and interiors of the theatre we’ve also upgraded the projector for better clarity.” says Suresh Shenoy of Shenoys Group that owns and runs Padma, Sridar and Shenoy’s theatres. 

Apart from the spruced up interiors, Padma has also renovated its box office and has created provisions for patrons to pick up tickets to shows at any time. “Previously we only opened up the sale of tickets half an hour before the show, but now we’re made the provision to allow patrons to pick up tickets as per their convenience be it hours prior or a day before the show. This will not only ease up the queues at the box office but also help patrons avoid paying additional internet handling fees while booking online.” says Suresh.

The theatre’s canteen has also been given an upgrade and now sells a variety of snacks and soft drinks and for those viewers seated in the Lounge section have the option of having their food delivered to their seats. 

Padma was opened up to the public on Friday with ticket prices ranging from Rs.118 for Club Class, Rs.150 for the Gold Class and Rs.250 for the Lounge. The theatre is currently screening two movies, Punyalan Private Limited and Pyppin Chuvattile Pranayam.

Text: Rochelle D 'souza

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