Kochi’s First Transgender Beauty Pageant – A step forward

Kochi’s First Transgender Beauty Pageant – A step forward

  • 04 May 2017
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India’s third gender heads towards their dream. With colour, beauty and fashion

When we all spoke about how the world functions with its binary, little did we know about a community that was never accepted as a part of our society. Though they were a part way back from history, we never acknowledged them nor gave them the consideration they deserve. Against the society that looked at them with contempt, India’s third gender came up with flying colours.

Indian being a house for more than 5 lakh transgenders, passed the Supreme Court verdict of pronouncing them as the third gender in 2014, from then on, it has been a progressive journey. Often called names and mocked in public for the way they were,, they never stopped being themselves nor did they stop being a pioneer for others in the society. Conquering the world of media and literature, India’s third gender showed their consistent progress towards being inclusive with the society.

Kochi’s first ever transgender beauty pageant is scheduled to happen later this year and the whole transgender community is excited about it. The auditions were recently conducted at Kochi, where out of the 40 registered participants, 9 were selected and a total of 15 will participate in the beauty pageant.

The beauty pageant is organised by an associations of transgenders in Kerala named Dhwayah Arts and Cultural Society, focusing towards their empowerment and inclusion in the society as the third gender. The auditions for the beauty pageant was judged by Femina Miss India 2016 Elizabeth Thadikaran, Fashion Choreographer Sunil Menon and celebrity makeup artist Renju Renjimar.

The beauty pageant will be judged by Miss India 2008 Parvathy Omanakuttan and Miss Kerala 2000 Ranjini Haridas. Malayalam actress Swetha Menon will crown the winner of the pageant as ‘Queen of Dhwayah 2017’.

Since the Supreme Court verdict of pronouncing them as the third gender, Kerala has been inclusive of the third gender in various sectors. The first ever transgender school was opened in Kochi earlier this year, making education possible for all transgenders  who are often denied education because of their sexuality. Recently, India’s first ever transgender sports meet was conducted and almost 130 athletes participated to mark their inclusion in the society and to take a step towards their empowerment.

Though we live in a society that mocks a man who cries and believes that women are a man’s shadow, the transgender community has fought towards gaining their rights and place in the societal structure. Though they were pronounced as a backward community in society, they never ceased to surprise any of us. They strive and work towards setting examples to us and many others. 

Text: Roshan D    Photos: Various Sources

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