Kochi’s iconic Sridar Theatre gets a Makeover

Kochi’s iconic Sridar Theatre gets a Makeover

  • 23 Jun 2017
  • Sunaya
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In keeping with the times, the oldest air conditioned cinema theatre in the state, Sridar Theatre, has been given a makeover and opened up to the public on Friday

In keeping up the times and the ever changing trends in the cinema viewing experience, Kochi's iconic Sridar Theatre has spruced up and revamped its interiors and seating and has been reopened to the public today. (Friday, 23rd June 2017) 

Sridar, which was built in 1964 is the first air conditioned theatre in Kerala run by the Shenoy Group. "We have to bear in mind the changing trends and what movie-goers expect of a cinema theatre and upgrade our facilities likewise. At Sridar we have redone the seating and put a larger screen in place as well as spruced up the interiors and bettered the basic amenities like the toilets and such." said AjithShenoy of the Shenoy Group. 

The newly renovated Sridaraccommodates around 400 viewers with two seating classes; club class, with tickets priced at Rs.100 and gold class priced at Rs.110. Sridar was opened to the public with the screening of the Mollywood film 'AvarudeRaavukal' at 3.15pm on Friday and will feature screenings at 12.30pm, 3.15pm, 6.15pm and 9.15pm for the rest of the week. Tickets to the shows are available on BookMyShow.

Compiled Text: Rochelle D’Souza    Images: Various sources

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