Krithi International Festival of Books and Authors Kicks Off Today at Bolgatty Palace

Krithi International Festival of Books and Authors Kicks Off Today at Bolgatty Palace

  • 06 Mar 2018
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The festival will see the confluence of creative and intellectual minds debating upon literary affairs from March 7 to 10

As the four-day long literary gala commences today at Bolgatty Palace, literature buffs can head to the venue of the Krithi International Festival of Books and Authors to hear their favourite writers speak on the current themes in the literary world. The festival will see a number of big names including the likes of Eduardo Rabasa, Diego Valverde, Kiran Nagarkar, Perumal Murugan, Taslima Nasrin, etc.  speaking their minds on topics such as World Literature, Indian English Literature, Gender, etc.

Each day is divided into six sessions, spread across five venues – namely – Karoor, M P Paul, Thakazhi, Ponkunnam, and Lalithambika Antharjanam. The day-long sessions will commence from 9am to 6pm, followed by an Open Forum from 6pm to 7:30pm.

Some of the speakers for today are:

V K Sreeraman

An actor, writer, TV anchor, and social worker, V K Sreeraman has been an admirable figure in the several hats that he has donned. He started his acting career in the film Thampu (1978), a film by one of the best filmmakers in India, G Aravindan. He has subsequently remained a prominent figure in Malayalam cinema over the years through side and character roles. His TV show Sreeramante Veritta Kazhchakal, aired on Kairali channel, was a resounding hit among viewers of the small screen.

V K Sreeraman will be speaking at M P Paul on the subject of ‘Artist and Society’ from 10am to 11.15am. He will be joined by J Prabhash, Kureepuzha Sreekumar,  P K Pokker, and Siddique M A in the discussion.


Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan has marched forth with the torch of the power of words, living up to the literary blood running through her. Daughter of illustrious Malayalam writer NS Madhavan, Meenakshi is the owner of her renowned blog Compulsive Confessions. She has also authored the books You Are Here, Cold Feet, The One Who Swam With the Fishes: Girls of the Mahabharata, and Before, And Then After: Stories.

She will be speaking at MP Paul, on the theme of Indian Literature: Mythology for Modern Times, along with Manasi Subramaniam and Namitha Gokhale from 11.15am to 12.30pm


Alexandra Buchler

Alexandra Buchler, director of the Wales, UK, based platform, Literature Across Frontiers, that seeks to encourage and document translations of literature between and beyond European countries. She is an accomplished translator herself, having worked on the Czech translations of a number of literary works. Raised in different part of Europe, her work seeks to promote intercultural dialogue. She is also an accomplished editor of several publications.

Alexandra will be speaking at the aptly named session, ‘Literature Across Borders’, to be held at the Lalithambika Antharjanam hall at Bolgatty Palace at 10.00 am. Others on the panel include Anita Thambi, Anwar Ali, Marti Sales, Sias Nortchey and Vanni Bianconi among others.


Perumal Murugan

Perumal Murugan is a Tamil writer, scholar, and literary chronicler. He has written six novels, four collections of short stories and four anthologies of poetry. Out of the six novels written by him, three have been translated into English.

Though most of his work geographically focused the Kongunadu region, he spoke about various social issues like sex-selective abortions and female foeticide in his novel, Kanganam (Resolve, 2008) drawing intricate information and shape to his characters from the community and culture of the Kongunadu region. His fifth novel, Madhurobhagan (2010) tells the story of a young childless couple struggling within their marriage and the social stigma associated with it. While this novel was well received by the audience, it attracted controversies when the religious group objected the fictional portrayal of the tradition in Tiruchengode.

In addition to his writing career, he worked as a professor of Tamil at the Government Arts College, Namakkal, where he made several contributions towards the research and academic study of Tamil Literature specific to Kongunadu region, including building a lexicon of words, idioms, and phrases special to Kongunadu. With a profound love towards his birth land, he has researched extensively and documented Kongu folklore, especially the ballads on Annamar Sami, a pair of folk deities.

Today at International Festival of Books and Authors, 2018, Perumal Murugan will speak about “The Perumal Murugan Incident” in conversation with Minipriya and Perundevi on the subject “Artist & Society” from 2.15 PM to 3.30 PM at M P Paul hall, and, “Censorship and Its Aftermath in Indian Literature” with Hansda Sowvendra Sekhar and Namitha Gokhale from 4.45 PM to 6.00 PM at Ponkunnam Hall.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kalki Subramaniam

Kalki Subramaniam is a renowned transgender rights activist, artist, actor, writer and entrepreneur. Born in Pollachi, a village near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, she wrote her own success story after having to battle against gender disparities during her adolescence. Though she lived through a roller coaster ride, she emerged victorious from the chaotic world around her and found her own identity beyond the one prescribed to her in the society.

In 2008, Kalki founded the Sahodari Foundation, an organisation that advocates for transgenders in India. As an activist, she raised her voice for transgender rights became a linchpin for the people from the community. In 2014, Facebook Inc. chose her as one of the 12 inspiring women who used Facebook for community development. While this would stay as one her achievements, she holds a place as one of the nominees in the L’Oreal Paris and NDTV’s ‘Women of Worth’, a joint initiative by the brands to acknowledge the unsung heroes of the country. In addition to this, she is a proud recipient of the Achievers Award from Coimbatore Bar Association and Transgender Welfare Association.

Today at International Festival of Books and Authors, 2018, Kalki Subramaniam will talk about the “Idea of Equality Gender Perspective” from 3.30 PM to 4.45 PM at Karoor Hall.


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