Life without med-sins - a talk by Anand Siva

Life without med-sins - a talk by Anand Siva

  • 29 Nov 2017
  • Nikhil
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‘Life without med-sins’, a talk by Anand Siva was conducted on November 28 at Circuit Creative 

Anand Siva, a prominent welfare activist and a motivational speaker based in Mumbai gave a session on ‘Life without med-sins’. An exponent of a great health on account of paying attention to his diet, he has not paid a visit to a doctor regarding any health issues for the last nine years. This experience led him to intensely research on health, food, and nutrition - and he shares his knowledge on various forums, enabling many to heal themselves and rid themselves of false notions of food, nutrition, and health. 

Around 35 to 40 people attended the session at Circuit Creative and the hall was packed to full capacity. It was a cozy, informal, engaging conversation - where he dispelled popular myths on milk being a good source of calcium or protein - explaining that it, in fact, causes osteoporosis, heart disease, and hormonal issues.  

His session was informative and it was left to the audience to reach their own conclusions.    
He recommended the documentary called 'What the health'  available on Netflix and the book called 'The China Study' by Prof. Campbell to further individual knowledge. 

The feedback from the audience was very positive, with many wanting to make a change in the way they eat so as to heal their diseases. There were many questions and the discussion was very lively. “What I loved about the session was that the facts were presented and the audience was free to decide on what they want to do with it. There is so much misinformation out there on nutrition, health, and diet and this session was really an eye opener for many at Circuit Creative in Panampilly Nagar,” said Sudakshna Thampi, a yoga artiste, and practitioner. 

Text Credits: Nikhil Wilson    Image Credits:   Sudakshna Thampi

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